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    it's nice to see that there's a link in the Heritage and Genealogy section of the Website that goes to the National Czech and Slovak Museum. Cedar Rapids, Iowa is my home town :D and the museum is wonderful.

    It's located in what was called (when I was growing up there) "Bohemie Town," which I now suspect wasn't intended to be a compliment. However, it was and still is a neat area of mom-and-pop businesses. It's great to see the revitalization that has come with the museum's presence.

    So, if you're travelling through Iowa and have a little extra time, be sure to visit the museum (and try the kolaches from Sykora's Bakery!).

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    Glad to see you mention the National Czech and Slovak Museum. We want to link to and promote Czech heritage organizations around the world. We plan on expanding our list and currently promote Czech events on our calendar page. For example, one event we have listed there is the exhibition "Liberation! World War I and the Formation of Czechoslovakia" at the museum, which continues through March 7. We are always happy to hear about different Czech-related events.

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    We also have visited the National Cz and Sk Museum in Cedar Rapids. I also recommend Zindrich's Restaurant nearby for the veprove, knedliky, and zeli.
    Tom Blaha
    Bowling Green, Ohio
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    I, too, have been to the National Czech and Slovak Museum for different special exhibits. I highly recommend a visit there, and yes, Zindrick's as well. They have Urquel's on tap and very good bread dumplings.

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