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Discussion in 'Vocabulary & Translation Help' started by korina, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. korina

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    Hi can anyone help me? how do you say " i really like you very much" in czech i have just started seeing a czech guy so i do not want to freak him out by saying i love him or anything i just want to tell him how much i like him,if any one can help i would be really grateful ,thanks ,-korina :)
  2. maartenv

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    Dear Korina,

    I would suggest you just do it in English. The Czech language is not something you just speak. If you want to express your feelings, it's best to do it in the language you both know.

    I'm sure he will apreciate your effort, so just to break the ice, it could be a fun thing to do. I'm sorry I can not give you the answer to your exact phrase, but I'm sure you'll get a reply within a day.

    I can give you however the translation for : Thanks for the nice eavening.

    It goes like : Děkuji za pěkný večer. If you like to say Thanks for the nice day, you can say : Děkuji za pěkný den.

    At the site which is also a part of this forum, you can find more info regarding the Czech language, and pronaunciation.

    Others will correct me if I'm wrong in my translations, since I'm a beginner in the language myself.

    Cau! (Frendly goodbye in Czech)
  3. maartenv

    maartenv Well-Known Member

    An Example of some phrases you can use can be found at the locallingo site via this link directly :)

    Sorry, just found it. There is also a sound to it, so you can hear the pronounciation too!!

  4. racoon

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    I would say " docela se mi libis", but why do you want to tell him this, let him figur it out

    and if he likes beer drink it too, he'll love you for sure

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