Needing flat and/or a flat mate in Brno

Discussion in 'Housing - For Rent, Sale or Exchange' started by suwarn, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. suwarn

    suwarn Member

    Dear All,

    I am man from south east asia, 27 years old, will be working in IBM Brno at Jan 2nd.

    Need a help, maybe you guys have any colleague that has flat to be rent.
    Or perhaps someone of your colleague needs a flat mate, please contact me.

    Thanks All....
  2. sacman

    sacman Member

    I used Bravis to find a flat. They were very good. You can email them at or call 420 542 211 598
  3. suwarn

    suwarn Member

    Hi sacman,

    Thanks for your info :)
    You are very helpful....

    I understand every people has his own perspective of everything, look something in different ways... So don't hesitate to always posting your comment, it might help someone...


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