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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by czechchris, Jan 13, 2005.

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    Hi, from London UK.
    I am an English retired Czech-afficionado living in London. I've been learning Czech on-and-off for about six years, and have visited the CR several times. My wife and I love the country, and we try to visit somewhere new each time we go.
    We went to Slovakia once, to the low Tatras, but we always go via Prague.

    Hopefully I can improve my Czech through association here. V Londýně nemám přiležitosti abych mluvil česky.

    Děkuji Vám
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    Thanks for the welcome.

    We've spent a weekend in Brno in February 2003, and my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the stay.
    Previously we had a week in Haviřov, having been invited there by friends we met in London. We also went up in a lanovka for the first time, again it was a time of snow and many were skiing. We had dinner in a hotel at the top of the mountain, with snow about three quarters of the way up the windows! It was great.

    I'm not exactly sure where the border is between Bohemia and Moravia, but we have friends in Čáslav, we have visited Kutná Hora, Žleby, Křivoklát and last year we went to Český Krumlov and Rožmberk nad Vltavou.

    On each occasion we go via Prague, and have made many friends there.
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    Nice, you should visit ostrava and areas nearby.Not much there except for pollution but its still nice lol.
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    We went into Ostrava when we were visiting Haviřov, but not so as you would say that we had visited it. Just a quick trip. We got the train from Prague to Ostrava and our friends picked us up there.
    We were staying in a country area just outside Haviřov (pod lesi) and it was really nice, although it was winter and very cold.
    We had friends in Karvina, too, but they have now moved to London!
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    Wow really?Who were they?I'm just wondering cuz i was born in karvina :D.

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