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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by stock_guru, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. stock_guru

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    Hello all !

    I just joined this site. I will be visiting the Czech Rep this May. I have been reading allot about the history and culture. I think its a fascinating country and Prague seems to be a magical city.

    If anyone wants to chat and give me some advice on how to make the most of my trip to Prague I would highly appreciated it.

  2. TnDan

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    Hey stock guru!

    I, too, am a new member and spent a week in Prague in March. Was happy that I went, was sad to leave! My only advice? Wear comfortable shoes and take lots of film. I'm sure that you've researched certain places that you want to visit but there are pleasant surprises around every corner. Great food, great beer and effective public transit. I would recommend a walk up Petrin Hill when you're ready for a break from the high traffic areas. It's a few hundred yards to the top but you will be rewarded with spectacular views of, all at once, Prague Castle, Mala Strana, Charles Bridge, Old and New Towns, and beyond. It is a fascinating country and I really enjoyed my time there. It is indeed a magical city!

    If you have a specific question in mind please feel free to reply. If it was something that I experienced I would be happy to elaborate.

    Enjoy your trip (you will) !!!

  3. My Czech Republic

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    Welcome to the boards to both of you! Just a little note: For the sake of keeping the boards organized, please remember to start and continue discussions in the relevant forums, which in this case would be Travel Tips and Advice. Thank you and enjoy the boards!

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