New to, will from u.k.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by unkle 77, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. unkle 77

    unkle 77 New Member

    ahoj pratele

    my name is will, I am English and currently studying Czech at uni. Last year i studied in Prague at univerzita karlova, and i really hope that i can return someday and use my czech.

    in the meantime, i'd like to meet other people who have been bewitched by Czech culture!! :)
  2. Ani

    Ani Well-Known Member

    Hi Will:)
    Did you attend the Intensive summer course at Charles University last year? I was there too and it was great!!!! I'm hoping to return again this year:)
  3. unkle 77

    unkle 77 New Member

    hi ani

    i attended the summer school in Podebrady last year, but have been on the Charles Uni course as well. perhaps you met my friend Steve, american from new york?
  4. Ani

    Ani Well-Known Member

    No, unfortunately I don't think so. But there were 200 of us there so it's not surprising really that we didn't meet. Also I didn't stay at the kolej so that might account for it too:)
  5. tereza141

    tereza141 New Member

    Ahoj Will!

    My name is Tereza and I just joined this forum. Anyway, I'm at college in the US, but I grew up in the Czech Republic (all of my family's from there). I plan on going to study at Charles University within the next year, and I'll probably end up staying, it's so amazing over there...ha ha. If you want to talk about the 'bewitching' Czech culture, awesome! write back.


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