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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by eadamscpa, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. eadamscpa

    eadamscpa New Member

    Ajoy, každy! I am from Atlanta, GA in the US. I'm 26 years old. I've never been to the Czech Republic, but will be going in September for work. My great grandparents are originally from Prague, but since they have passed, no one in my family speaks Czech anymore. I'm trying to learn the language (I have a tutor for two hours each week). I would really like an e-pal who I can practice my Czech with. My tutor says my written is understandable most of the time, and we are working on my speaking. If anyone is interested, please let me know. :D
  2. crossczech

    crossczech Active Member

    i'd rather say "Ahoj všichni".

    anyway, good luck with learning, and i hope you'll find czech republic an interesting place and will like it.[/b]
  3. eadamscpa

    eadamscpa New Member

    thanks! i'll have to remember that. :D
  4. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    As you are preparing for your trip to CR, you will find this website extremely helpful. Read, read and read and look at even old posts as they are all relevant to visiting/living in CR. Good luck.

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