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  1. I am very new to all and anything that is Czech. It happens to be the most interesting culture there is. If they offered it at my school I would learn the language. I enjoy it so much because, I would be the first in my family to find my "roots". My last name, as shown in my name on here, is Matoushek. I am not sure how common that is in the Czech Republic anymore but I was told that after the split of Czechoslovakia in the 90s, all the Matousheks went to the Czech Republic. I really want to learn Czech and I plan on studying in Prague in college. A basic question: for anyone American who knows Czech, how steep is the learning curve? And to any Czech who knows was it for you? I have learned 3 years of German and 1 year of Spanish (and obviously English is my first...or maybe not so obviously =D). How is Czech compared to any of those languages...for those who might know? Lastly, I have heard (and seen in pictures) that Prague is the absolute most breath-taking city one can ever see. It was virtually untouched (or at least not as damaged as the other cities) and remains culture-filled and beautiful..does it live up to everything I have heard? Thanks
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    I've found learning Czech is much more difficult than learning Spanish. The hardest part about Czech is that they literally change almost every word in the sentence. So instead of just conjugating verbs (like in Spanish), you must learn how to change every word. They call it cases. There are 7 cases. Anyway, I'm not going to get deeply into it but I've found that learning Czech is much harder and slower than Spanish. I don't know about German.

    Prague is absolutely beautiful. It was the first place I had ever visited outside the U.S. However, it's not a good place to go first, because it is so beautiful, that the other places don't compare. I told my husband that by taking me to Prague, he ruined Paris. Paris just didn't compare to Prague and I spent my time in Paris comparing it to Prague and found myself disappointment. Ceske Krumlov is also quite beautiful.

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