New Years Eve in Prague??

Discussion in 'Culture' started by Mr_Pleasant, Aug 17, 2006.

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    I will be spending New Year's Eve in Prague this year and was looking for advice on the best bars/clubs to go to. I've been several times before but was wondering if any places were definitely worth checking out on New Years Eve. Also where does everyone one usually gather for midnight and how cold can I expect it to be?

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    I spent New Years Eve in Prague in 2000/2001. We simply walked the streets (my husband and I were newly dating and we walked the beautiful city and talked all night). Anyway, there were people partying everywhere just on the street. It was very cold, but there were stands that sold hot wine everywhere you went. That stuff really warms you up to the bone (not to mention the hot love that was in the air :wink: ) New love is so sweet!
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    Mr Pleasant, you are indeed a very brave man! If you survive, you will have many enjoyable stories to tell your friends. If you don't survive, you will at least die with a smile on your face.

    All the action is outside in the big square by the famous clock, whether that's old town or new town, I don't remember. I spent my New Year's Eves in Plzen, where you would think it would be a little more laid back. No. So, for Prague, imagine what I am about to tell you x10:

    What the heck am I talking about, you ask? Young People + Fireworks + Alcohol = Wild and Crazy Cechs! Fireworks are sold in grocery stores from about Dec 1st on. On Dec 31st, you will see already-drunk kids heading into the center of the city with backpacks stuffed full of fireworks. They look like a well-armed military insurgency, except with drunken smiles. The ambulances are already parked around the square. By midnight, all hell has broken loose. Now, you may think, What a beautiful sight that must be with all the huge fireworks in the night sky. Well ... yes, but ... many of these fireworks and roman candles are pointed HORIZONTALLY! You will have fire crackers thrown at you, set off behind your back. It's the strangest, most dangerous, most fun time you can imagine. I saw highlights of it on TV the next day and the craziest was a scene of the square with an ambulance about 20 feet from the camera, and fireworks were shooting horizontally between the ambulance and the camera person!

    My second New Year's Eve, I headed down to the square with a hat to keep my hair from sizzling, and clear plastic-work goggles so I could walk around without fear. New Year's Eve in Cechia is one of the most amazing and exhilerating experiences you will ever have. Enjoy.

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