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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by powerfool, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. powerfool

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    I will arrive at the airport in Prague on the 31.7 at about midnight.
    Could you please tell me if there is any way that I can get to my hostel (Hostel V Podzamci) at that time? I read in the website that bus connections from the airport stop at about 11:40. Is that so in the summer, too?
    I'm posting the directions I got from the hostel to get from the airport to the hostel:

    As you exit the Airport, use the crosswalk and go across the street to pick up bus 119. Take the bus to the very last stop. Get off the bus and find the entrance to Metro DEJVICKA, this is the beginning of the A/green line. Take this metro to MUZEUM. At MUZEUM get off and find the escalators to the C/red line. There are red 'C' signs indicating where to go, so don't worry about getting lost. Once you find the platform for the C line, get on the metro that is going in the direction of HAJE. Take this to the BUDEJOVICKA stop. Get off at BUDEJOVICKA and take a left. You will exit on the staircase, not the escalator. At the top of the stairs make a left and almost immediately make another left. In the open area take the exit on your right hand-side (opposite McDonalds), go upstairs. The 192 bus stop is at street level in front of you (a couple of steps ahead). Hop on the bus and DO NOT FORGET to ask the driver (better write the following note and show it to him): 'PROSIM STOP NAD RYBNIKY! DEKUJI'.

    Could you please comment on these? Will I manage to get to the hostel or will I spend the night in the airport.... or a bench? :shock:

    Thanks for any help and excuse me for the big post...
  2. Jana

    Jana Well-Known Member

    The last bus 119 leaves the airport at 0:10 am, the next one at 4:18; bu if you go to and choose English version, there is an easy way how to find the connection. Just choose Timetables and put in Letiště Ruzyně and Nad Rybníky - I saw there some bus leaving the airport at 1 am. However, the easiest way would be a cab, but it looks it would be expensive, as it is a long distance.
  3. Viktor

    Viktor Well-Known Member


    Since you arrive that late at night, you will have to "kill" some time at the airport until 5:00am when the first bus 119 leaves... or get stuck with a 600Kc cab fare to the center and then perhaps the front desk at the hostel will not be open anyway! At the airport, you check you lugggage in for 60Kc --midnight to midnight -- and sack out on the bench until the bus come, and yous luggage will not dispear while you sleep.

  4. powerfool

    powerfool Member

    Is "Letiště Ruzyně" the name of the airport?
    Why can't I find the connection you told me about?
    I went to the link:
    and there I asked for a connection between the two places but I couldn't find anything departing from Letište Ruzyne later than 23:40 and earlier than 3:00.
    Thanks for your interest anyway...
    Still waiting for more help (if available...)

  5. powerfool

    powerfool Member

    My last post was refering to the answer I got from Jana... I hadn't read the following replies...
    Viktor, do you think I could lay my matress and sleeping bag on a bench in the airport and just close my eyes until the next morning? It's the first time I'm travelling somewhere alone and I haven't tried sleeping like this before. So, thanks for your advice. I'll probably do that (and I'll probably not tell that to my parents :) )
  6. Viktor

    Viktor Well-Known Member



    I would not overdo it, be descreet and rest on a bench --you may have competition, since several others my alredy occupy the choice places. You may also find an outlet, and plug in you notebook, to pass the time.

    On my last trip, I arrived at the airport from out of town at midnight -the last 119 bus --and my flight did not depart until the next morning at 7:30am. I did not want to spend the 100 EU for a local hotel (within walking distance or one with a shuttle pick up) for a few hours, so I took a nap at a table in one of the cafeterias --like I said, check your luggage in for 60Kc if you want to have it when you wake up. If you want to set up camp, you'll have to go to the Vaclavak, and compete with the local Gypsies for a bench. I don't think that the airpoirt security would tolerate a campout.

  7. powerfool

    powerfool Member

    Yes, I guess you are right... Camping would be too much! :)
    Unfortunately I don't have a notebook... it certainly would help a lot pass the time... I guess a discman could help for a few hours...
    Thanks for the advices...
    What time does life begin in Prague? I will take a bus to Wroclaw, Poland at about 12 so I could wander around the place in the morning but I wouldn't want to be the ghost of the streets! :)
    Read you...

  8. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    Hi Dimitris,

    I looked up connections at night from Letiště Ruzyně to Nad Rybníky on July 31. If you cannot make the 11:38 pm 119 bus, then the next connection is listed at 3:03 am. This looks like the same information you came up with.

    To see the connections I found, you can click on the link below:
    Letiště Ruzyně to Nad Rybníky
    - linked stopped working, trying again

    I saw the 12:10 am 119 bus Jana mentioned, but it looks like that won't work for you since by the time you get to Dejvická, the metro would have already stopped. That might be why the bus did not show up for you when looking for connections.

  9. szarkafarka

    szarkafarka Well-Known Member

    The night bus from the airport is 510.

    The nearest night bus stop of Nad rybníky is Lísek (2 stops - cca 1 km).

    Letiště Ruzyně 1:03 bus 510 (you can use the last bus 119 at 00:10 to Dejvická, too)
    (don't forget to get off the bus 510 - Divoká Šárka is not a terminal!)
    Divoká Šárka 1:21 tram 51
    I.P.Pavlova 2:28 bus 504
    Lísek 2:41
    + 1 km on foot (print a map)

    Or you can go to the city centre (by the same night tram #51 - Wenceslas square). The centre is usually full of tourists in the summer nights.
  10. powerfool

    powerfool Member

    szarkafarka that helped.... I guess I shouldn't be afraid of walking around Prague at 2 in the night... Or should I?

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