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  1. bluecorr

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    Hi everyone!

    I will be travelling with my mum to UK in July leaving from Bucharest but the connecting flight allows 12 hours to spend in Prague (from 8 am to around 8 pm). I have read about the city but I want to ask some basic questions.

    1) We will most likely have to exchange money at the airport to buy bus tickets to the city. Is it advisable? Do banks have exchange counters in the airport and how is the exchange rate? Can I buy the tickets at the airport?

    2)I've taken a look at a map of Prague and I thought the best option would be to take the 119 to Dejvicka and from there walk to the Castle, St. Nicholas Church, Charles Bridge etc. The trouble I have is I cannot possibly estimate the distance from Dejvicka to the tourist attractions and across the bridge. How far is it really and how much do you reckon it would take to walk through? Any other suggestions regarding this matter?
    I want to use the time I have to a maximum and not waste it with public transportation (thus I'd prefer to go on foot).

    Another option is the airport shuttle but does it stop at Dejvicka (we don't really want to go to the Nam. Rep)

    3) Because we will be basically in transit we will have to carry the passports and plane tickets with us and obviously some money but not much. I will also have the digital camera with me. If I hold the camera around my neck and the documents in a bag I keep in front, around my waist and hold a healthy dose of caution will we be ok?

    4) Being from Romania I have to ask if there's any problem with the authorities allowing us to go out of the airport and see Prague? I know a visa is not required for a 30 day visit but will we be asked for any additional papers etc? We do have the plane ticket, the visa for the UK and enough money for even more than a day in Prague.

    Any other suggestions are much appreciated.

    Thanks so much for your time.

  2. Lorenzo

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    Hi Carmen,

    I have been to Prague airport (Ruzyně) only once but I think you are most likely to find an exchange office there. It would be better to change money at a bank but if you need to buy your bus tickets then you could only change a small amount at the airport and the rest at a bank later when you're in town. The current exchange rate is 31 Kč for 1 Euro or so.
    Here's my suggestion for your day in Prague [​IMG]
    You?re right there?s a bus that goes from the airport to Dejvická but then I think it would be better to take the metro from there and get off at the next stop "Hradčanská", that is. I'm not completely sure but I think that bus itself goes on farther to Hradčanská. Maybe someone else here could be more specific.
    Anyway, when you come out of the metro at Hradčanská you'll find yourself on a very busy road. If you take a look at your map you'll see that the Královský Letohrádek is really close. Take "k Brusce" from the metro and walk towards "Chotkova" where trams nr 22 and 23 stop.
    From there you can either take a tram up to "Pohořelec" and start your walk down towards Hradčany from the top or walk across the street into the garden and start your visit from the Královský Letohrádek.
    You can easily reach Hradčanské Náměsti from both directions and enjoy a breathtaking sight of Prague from the Castle!
    The Zámecké Schody will take you down to Malostranské Náměsti. From there just "go with the flow" [​IMG] down Mostecká to Charles Bridge (Karlův Most) across the river to ulice Karlova through Staré Město. Before crossing the bridge you can walk down the stairs to the Kampa island to take a better look at the bridge [​IMG]
    At the end of Karlova you'll get to Staromětské Náměsti (get your camera ready!) and from there you can stroll to Josefov (take Pařižská from Staromětské Náměsti) the Jewish quarter or turn right onto Melantrichova to Můstek and Václavské Náměsti, the heart of Nové Město.
    If you like walking then you?re going to enjoy this plunge into the magic of Prague! [​IMG]
    I'm not good at evaluating time and distances but I think once you have gotten to Hradčanská from the airport (possibly a 20 minute ride) you can complete the whole walk in a couple of hours or so.
    Streets will be crowded with people so keep a tight watch for your personal belongings, that's my advice.
    I'm sorry I can't answer your questions about visas or additional papers but I think you can simply ask the Czech embassy in your country.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Hi bluecorr,

    If you have an ATM card, you can take money out of a cash machine at the airport instead of using the exchange office.

    Taking bus 119 from the airport to Dejvicka is pretty quick and convenient. You can buy tickets at the airport (newsstand, yellow machine if there is one) or even from the driver (I think). I think the bus route ends at Dejvicka and from there, you can transfer to the metro (underground). Don't worry about wasting time by using public transportation. Prague's public transit is very well organized and connections run frequently, so a lot of times jumping on a tram or metro will save you time. The metro especially will get you halfway across Prague in a matter of minutes.

    Once you get to the historical center, you can see a lot of old Prague without the need to use public transportation. I wouldn't recommend starting your walk from Dejvicka. It's not very close to the main attractions. You can either follow Lorenzo's suggestion or, as I would do, get off not at Hradcanska (busy street, traffic, not the nicest environment), but the stop after that called Malostranska which gets you right into beautiful Mala Strana. From there, you can walk up the stairs to the Castle if you don't mind the climb.

    Do keep an eye on your things, especially on the metro, trams and in crowded places. A money belt that wraps around your waist and goes under your clothing would be one of the safest places to keep your passports and cash. If you don't have one or don't like to wear one, always be aware of your bag and hold on to it when surrounded by people.

    If you don't need a visa for a stay of up to 30 days and if you have your connecting flight ticket, British visa and enough cash with you, you should not run into any problems stepping out of the airport. That's my feeling but you may want to check with the embassy.
  4. bluecorr

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    Thanks! A lot of good suggestions in your posts [​IMG].

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