One-way ticket: problems @ border?

Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by Blake76, Apr 23, 2004.

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    I'm flying to Prague in July to get married....and won't be returning home (the U.S.) until Christmas, when my husband (who's already in Prague) and I hope to fly back from Prague together. There's a relatively-cheap one-way ticket to Prague (cheaper than any round-trip tickets), but here's my question: if I arrive at the airport with a one-way ticket, will passport control want to interrogate me? That is, will a one-way ticket incur more hassle than it's really worth? Thanks for anyone's advice/insight.....:)
  2. maartenv

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    HI there!

    I don't have this expierience first hand, but I don't see why a one way ticket would be any problem.

    I'm sure there are many people traveling this way. It is not an implication that you are staying long term.

    Getting in the USA is a terrible hassle for me, as an European. I have to fill in papers in the plane, or get a visa first. Then they give me a paper and a Stamp in my passport telling me to get the hell out of the US before that date.

    I have never seen simmilar procedures in the Czech republic.

    Once I drove there by car with an American girlfriend of mine. At the border I could hear the customs officiers tell each other that they were surprised to see an European and American passport in a dutch car, but that was all I heard about it. No questions asked, and after 30 seconds of looking into both passoports we could continue.

    My girlfriend even asked for a stamp in her passport, but they were too lazy to give one!

    The biggest problem when crossing the border by car is reading the sign while passing by, which tells you the speed limits :)

    See below:


    After a couple of years of being unable to read it while driving, I took a picture, to look at at home. The custom officers were laughing out loud when teey saw me doing that, while leaving the country!!!!
  3. Blake76

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    Thanks, Maarten--the people at Czech Air also seemed to think there would be no problem. I'll try the consulate, too (since I'm paranoid). ;)
  4. maartenv

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    I would not worry at all!

    Just use your common sense while you are there, and you'll be sad to return home!


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