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Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dzurisova, Feb 9, 2010.

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    I know I've asked this before, but I've yet to find what I'm looking for. I asked if anyone knew of children's reading material in Czech online. What I was given were websites like Jablko or other sites that have great stories for children on them. But those stories are for adults to read to children or for older children to read.

    But what I'm looking for are stories which are on a child's reading level. For example, in English we have books like See Spot Run, which has a page with a few short sentences on it. It's for 1st graders to read. I'm not wanting stories which are written for adults to read to children. I'm looking for stories for young children to read themselves as they are learning to read.

    Please advise if you know of any. Thanks :)
  2. Ctyri koruny

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    My teacher gets a lot from something called "detsky web", but now I can't seem to find it

    Crosswords and reading activities from this site I think. I usually know what's going on.

    There's another one, it seems to be mostly ads for stuff though.

    Sorry If that was useless!
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    This isn't exactly what you were looking for, but I hope it helps. This web site sells ebooks, and they have childrens books available. I just purchased, ($5.21), the Czech version of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. I haven't downloaded it onto my kindle yet, but if I run into problems, I'll post them.

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