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  1. Yerusalyim

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    I'm considering moving to Ostrava with my Czech wife after I retire from the US military this summer. Anyone there now? I'll be looking for some English speaking acquantences when I'm there.
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    I've heard there might be some English Club of Ostrava meeting up every Wednesday, 8pm. They are in the Divadelni Klub just off Milíčova Street within the premises of Divadlo Jiřího Myrona.

    Here's a map: http://www.firmy.cz/detail/401503-divadlo-jiriho-myrona-ostrava-moravska-ostrava.html

    Truth is I don't know if this still works.

    If you really move to Ostrava, I can advise you to contact The Foreign Nationals Integration Support Centre of Ostrava : http://www.integracnicentra.cz/PoskytovaneSluzby/ObecneInformace.aspx

    The website is now being re-newed so there are some bugs. They generally offer services to ppl outside EU like legal counselling or language courses etc. all for free. :)
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    I will eventually be moving there in about 5 years, I know of one englishman who lives in the nest village down from where i have brought some land. He is just north of Ostrava about 25 mins drive.



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