Paris to Prague and/or Prague to Munich

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    I am traveling to from Florence Italy to Paris to meet up with my sister and then Traveling onto Prague. I am a student and am trying to make this as affordable as possible. I was wondering what is the best and cheepest way to get from Paris to Prague, train or plane? And where could I get more information about that. Also I am thinking that I might buy a ticket for the way back because right now from Munich to Florence it is only 30 euros. So is there a cheep and easy way to get from Prague to Munich and would this be the best choice? I looked at the train site IDOS but I could not find where they posted any of the prices. Also if I do this would you recomend reserving the tickest or is that something that I dont need to worry as much about since the begining of march isnt peak tourist time. Thanks for any of the help or info that you guys can give. I have been going crazy trying to figure out how to afford this!
    Thanks again!

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