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  1. aurelia

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    some friends and I wanted to go for a short trip to prague, we figured that it is cheaper for us to use the car.
    so now we're stuck with the question on where to put the car for two days.
    I already researched a lot of parking spots, but none of them have a webpage, and I'm not quite sure whether I can trust any of these.
    I've also come across the park&ride spots close to public transport. but I read that they are closed at 1am.
    but are they as safe as everybody says? and more important: can I leave the car there over night? because that's what we intended to do.
    but if anybody knows about a secure parking spot in the in the outskirts which is close to public transport let me know about it.

  2. Polednikova

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    If you want to park outside our flat, I'd be happy to keep an eye on it.
    We live in a nice quiet square just off Sokolovka in Karlín. We're on the 8 and 24 tram route and about 6/7 minutes walk from Křižikova on the B line. That's about 10/15 minutes away from the centre.

    I'm sure it'd be perfectly safe. Although we don't have a car, our neighbour does and he's never had any problems. Of course, on the other hand, if it's a very flash foreign car, it'd probably not be too safe anywhere!
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  4. aurelia

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    thanks a lot. the last link looks really promising, I hope we'll find everything without a problem.

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