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    Hi there. I don't know if anybody is going to know but it's worth a try. I'm trying to plan an Itinerary for The Czech Republic and it's possible that I want to stay in multiple locations. The passenger locator form only has space for 3 stays. so it it possible to stay at more than 3 locations? On the form it does say "primary locations" so does this simply mean the places you are staying longest in but it's possible to stay in other places? I hope somebody can help with this question. Thanks in advance!


    I have re-read the form and this is what it actually says,

    Hlavní místo pobytu v České republice v období následujících 14 dnů po přicestování do České republiky. Vyberte adresu z nabídky. / Main place of stay in the Czech Republic during 14 days after arrival in the Czech Republic

    So I think ( if I read this right ) they only care about where you are in the first 14 days. Correct?
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    Sorry for the late response. I don't know if it's still relevant to you but yes, that's how I understand it. Just the first 14 days.

    I hope you'll enjoy or have enjoyed your stay in the Czech Republic! :)

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