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    :D hello
    I`m 26,5 years old Marcin from Poland. I`m a graphic-artist. I`m looking for people from Czech Republic `cuz I`m gonna move to this country. Why? ...If I only knew why I love Czech (girls)?
    Most of young people form Poland move to the West Europe to find a job. They think that they move to paradise... you know... expensive cars everywhere, modern clothes everywhere... etc. They also think if they live in the Western Europe and work hard they can buy a new Mercedes C-klasse cabrio!! ...illusion... I`ve also decided to move from Poland but to the South!!! :)
    I`m a Slav!!! I`ve chosen Czech Republic.
    I can manage livin` in Poland, it`s not too hard for clever people...
    I wanna move to Praha - the capitol of EUROPEAN ART!!! It`s my chance... `cuz I know I`m one of the best...
    now you can choose: better know me or not?

    p.s. you find my face on:
  2. maartenv

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    Welcome here!

    I think you have a well argumented reason to move there :)

    Good luck, and you'll be able to find here waht you need I guess.

  3. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Ahoj and welcome! Good to have someone from Poland here!

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