Pen pal in London?

Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by Rommie, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. Rommie

    Rommie Well-Known Member


    I´m girl from Czech Republic and I´m infatuated by UK :lol: Is there someone from London, who wants to exchange e-mails or chat with me?
    I´m friendly, kind, like fun, books, exchanging knowledges and opinions.
    If you´ve got any questions about CZ I will help you if I can :wink:

  2. Ainafeaiel

    Ainafeaiel Member

    Hiya! I'm from London and would be happy to have a Czech penpal! We sound like a perfect match, lol- i've practically adopted czechia as my own. I even do folklore dance and struggle with the (beautiful) language :)

    Asha xx
  3. Tony899

    Tony899 Member

    Rommie, i was born in South London and now live in West London so i know the city quite well.if you have any questions about London i will try and help you.If you are planning a visit i can give you advice on places to go etc.

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