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  1. Javanwolfie

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    Hello, I'm new to this site and also to message boards in general. I'm interested in finding penpals and friends to talk with.
  2. Javanwolfie

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    Hello, this is javanwolfie again. I think I didn't leave enough information in my last e-mail. I'm going to Prague in about two months for the first time. I'm looking to meet people and to find a penpal or two. Doesn't have to be only Czech, since I'm also visiting Budapest and Vienna for a little bit. Hello to everyone here!
  3. mamas_girl88

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    hello. I hope you have fun in Prague. I have already been there twice , and i love it there. When I finish school , i hope to go and live and work there. Right now I live in Canada. Where do you live? Hope to hear from you. bYE BYE for now
  4. Javanwolfie

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    Hi mamas_girl
    Thanks for writing. It is less than a month (I'll be in Prague) that I'll be setting foot on foreign soil of ANY kind. I've never been overseas and I'm so excited!! I'm orginally from Wisconsin and now I live in Montana. I've been to Canada only twice but I got to see Les Miserables and that was pretty fantastic. I also hope to live or work in Prague for a time.
    Best regards,

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