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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by wissy, Sep 28, 2005.

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    I stayed in Prague for two weeks with my wife and three children. As a family we did things every day. We did the normal tourist things but other things as well which were just as enjoyable. We had an afternoon with hired pedalos on the Vltava (this was under duress from from my children and against my better judgement, but turned out to be relaxing and very enjoyable), we walked all over Petrin Hill, we took the tram, metro and bus to Prague zoo and caught the boat back into the city centre. We just walked aimlessly and breathed in the magic that is Prague. We swam at Podoli and at Slavia. When it rained we just got on a tram and rode around for a couple of hours people watching - simple but wonderful.
    Two weeks was not enough for me. I would return tomorrow if i could and sample the art galleries and museums and take the opportunity to travel further afield (without children!) within The Czech Republic. I'm truely smitten.

    Wissy. :D
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    Same here except that I was child-free. :lol: For a tourist, Prague is a magic city.

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