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    I'm a beginner in Czech, and have been living in the CR for 8 weeks. I'm having some problems understanding the use of svuj and tvuj...and also with personal pronouns eg. me, te, meho, tebe, etc. My book is not that helpful... and doesn't explain the difference between czech and english. Can anyone tell me when we use svuj and when to use me?
    Thank you sooo much!
    (It's my first post!)
  2. wer

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    at first see this and this (I'm lazy to write it all here :wink:) and then I can answer your additional questions.
  3. scrimshaw

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    use svuj when subject and possesor are the same.

    Vidím svou knihu.=I see my book
    Vidím tvou knihu.=I see your book.
    Vidíš svou knihu.=You see your book.
  4. dzurisova

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    Thanks Scrimshaw, I didn't realize that either.
  5. dzurisova

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    Oh, also thank you wer for the websites. :lol:

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