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    I'm going to spend a week in Prague with a group of photographers. I'm sure that the old Prague will offer numerous photo opportunities, but I'm interested about urban decay and abandonned industrial sites as well. The socialist architecture and industrial sites are my main interest for black and white photography.

    So I would like to know if there are any abandonned factories, shipyards or industrial sites around Prague and how accessible they are? I'm also interested of large apartment building areas outside of town.

    Of course safety is an issue and I'd like to know how risky it is to move around such areas in the daytime.

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    I am not familiar with all of the outskirts of Prague, but you will not have trouble finding the large socialist apartment buildings (panelaks). You can take the metro and get off at some of the end stops. Take the yellow line and get off at Cerny most. On the red line, get off at Chodov, Opatov, or Haje. During the day, I think these areas are pretty safe. If you are carrying expensive camera gear, then you would want to be extra careful, just like in any big city.

    You can find a link to a Prague metro map and information on taking the metro on the page at:

    Have a great trip!

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