Pickpockets/Crowding in Prague...

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by GuyFullaLove, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. GuyFullaLove

    GuyFullaLove Active Member

    I heard of "some" incidents of Pickpockets/Crowding in Prague...

    Is this something to REALLY worry about or just the EXCEPTION??

    Also, how safe is Prague in General?

    Finally, I ALWAYS left my laptop in my Hotal room in the US, UK, Canada and Aruba... Do you folks have the feel that hotels are safe in Prague?
  2. GlennInFlorida

    GlennInFlorida Well-Known Member

    Prague is a large city and you should take the same precautions there that you would in any other large city. That being said, it is my opinion that Prague is safer than most large cities. I have been there twice for fairly long stays (12 days or so) and have never had any problems with pickpockets. Just be aware of your surroundings and try to avoid tight crowds of people. I also keep my wallet in my front pants pocket when I am in areas that are full of tourists. There are a few threads about this topic on the forum - use the search feature above to find them.

    I'm not sure about laptops in hotel rooms - I wouldn't leave one out even here in the States - but that is a personal decision.

    I have always felt very safe in Prague - I'm sure you will too.

    Enjoy your visit.
  3. strange_too

    strange_too Active Member

    I must admit I'm the same. I treat Praha, the same as I do in London. Know where your stuff is and don't flash your cash around.

    Laptop safety is more to do with the hotel you are in, but in a good hotel you should be fine. Just make sure you back up before you go.
  4. GuyFullaLove

    GuyFullaLove Active Member

    Thanks a lot Glenn and Starange... Prague seems to be an awesome city... I can't wait...

    Thanks again... . :D
  5. gementricxs

    gementricxs Well-Known Member

    I agree with Glenn and strange, I live in Prague and I have never problems with picpockets. I read a lot about pickpockets in newspaper (e.g. PraguePost). Be careful when taking a tram, the tram platforms could be unsafe and especially tram no. 22 ,23 are most unsafe. You can even read on the subway windows sign "Beware of pickpockets".
    But as I said, I live in Prague and travel from outskirts to Wenceslav Square every day and I had never problems.
  6. GuyFullaLove

    GuyFullaLove Active Member

    Thanks Gem... That's reassuring... negative rumors run fast... what I wanted was an average person's sense... and I feel pretty good about safety in Prague...
  7. SFox

    SFox Active Member

    I think you need to take precautions as you would in any large city. I was actually more careful than I am when visiting Chicago or New York though, mainly due to the issues of dealing with a theft in another country.

    While visiting in November about 3 teenagers tried to pick my fathers pocket in the metro. One or two jostled him & tried to keep him from getting out of the door while another tried to get his wallet. He pushed them out of the way & barreled through the exit door (he's about 6 ft 5 in tall). Funny thing is he had nothing there because the night before at our hotel he either dropped it or had it pick-pocketed already!

    As for leaving things in hotel rooms, we left things in ours and had no issues.
  8. GuyFullaLove

    GuyFullaLove Active Member

    Thanks Sharon.... That's the sentiment I got... Of course, I will have a better sense when I get to the Hotel room... As for pickpocketters, I guess I will have to brush up on my marial arts this week... :)

    On a serious note, I just bought myself a nifty neck security pouch with adjustable neck cord that I will keep INSIDE my shirt... Not the most hygienic or comfortable thing in the world... but for a week, it is better than carrying a wallet..

    Peace!.. . :D
  9. SFox

    SFox Active Member

    I agree with you. I purchased a very small fanny pack which I wore inside my jacket. I was constantly after my sister to stop putting her money & cards in her back pocket. She finally stopped after my father's incident. It's just better to be aware and pro-active rather than having difficulties if your money or credit cards are taken. My father was on the phone, international calls, for quite some time getting his credit cards stopped. We don't know if he dropped it when getting up from a chair or if it was pick-pocketd. In the end, it didn't matter.

    Have a great visit, I personally can't wait to travel to Prague again!
  10. pacific

    pacific Member

    According to the Czech newspaper Lidove noviny
    (http://lidovky.zpravy.cz/pruzkum-br...p-/ln_domov.asp?c=A060711_073658_ln_domov_svo), you're more likely to have your pocket picked in the Czech Republic than anywhere else in the world. This was the finding of a survey carried out by a British insurance company Norwich Union. The survey examined theft and personal safety statistics in various holiday destinations around the globe.

    More in the following July 2006 articles: http://www.praguemonitor.com/ctk/?s...c-the-least-safe-country-for-foreign-tourists and http://www.radio.cz/en/article/80947[/url]
  11. TroskuAmericanka

    TroskuAmericanka Active Member

    Also, avoid wearing clothes that are obviously English/american, as you will be a bigger target. I have heard from a few different sources that it is 100% that there WILL be a pickpocket on the buses going from the airport into town. It is NOT 100% that you will be pickpocketted but I heard that there is almost always a thief on board, so watch out. (I don't know how they can know it for sure, but I watch my bags anyways).
    Also, pickpockets, I have also heard, work mostly in groups of 2 or 3, like I read above too. My English camp group, a group of 19 loud and obviously American people, were travelling on the metro (which is the BEST place to meet pickpockets, because everyone is crammed together) and our leader got picked. $200 cash gone just like that. It was a group of 3 boys. Do not ever keep anything in your pockets, even in the front. Our leader's wallet was in the front, and he had a hand on it the whole time, he thought. It was a velco shut pocket and he thought he would feel it if someone tried to take it from him. But nope...and they got away. If you are going to carry valuables in your back pack, put some of your stuff in the bottom, umbrella or whatever, then your valuables, then a lot more unimportant things on top. If they get your bag open, hopefully by the time they would get down to your valuables, you would notice they are digging in your bag, and can then promptly punch them (the coolest part). :D Anyhow.....I don't live in Prague, but I have been there at least 12 times, approx. 2 days each time, and have never been pickpocketted even though I hardly look Czech, and most likely look like a tourist. But there are the few that have. Just be careful and don't carry a lot of cash, as they can easily have it changed somewhere and disappear with it. Hope it helps even a little....
  12. TroskuAmericanka

    TroskuAmericanka Active Member

    One more thing that I remembered...pickpocketers know that we keep stuff in that little pouch on a string under out shirt, so keep an eye on that too, it isnĀ“t too hard to cut the string from behind (in a crowded metro for example) and let the thing fall to the ground, pick it up and run out of there....it has been done...

    ok I will stop being a downer :) have fun in Prague
  13. Willie

    Willie Active Member

    We had a 'moment' in Prague last year, my two friends and I were being shown around at night by our wonderful Czech host when two girls around the age of twenty struck!!!
    One of them tried to fondle my gonads as her other hand tried to get into my pocket.........I must add that this happened in a street in the city centre....the silly buggers just pounced as we approached them and startled us!!!!!!!!!!!! Gabi (our host) started screaming at them (God only knows what she said!!!) and they soon scarperred :lol: We noticed that they ran across the road to two men they obviously knew...............pimps maybe????
    This incident will not deter us from visiting the wonderful city of Prague on our coming venture though 8) We'll just be a little wiser :lol:

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