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    Is there any way to find pics of the immigration ships online? a distant cousin has a pic of the ship that our shared ancestors came here on. according to what he was told it was called the anna, later changed to brigs. He was also told that they had a baby born on board, named maria who died on the ship. my ggg grandparents are allegedly Frank and Elizabeth Kallis. I've been looking at ship lists. I could not find Frank but I found Elizabeth. She was travelling w/ Wenzel Kallis? They had a 6m baby named Pauline. She died enroute. if there is a pic of the Louisiana this might help to decide wether or not this Wenzel and Elizabeth are my ancestors and Wenzel just changed his name to Frank.

    any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you!!
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    You didn't include any sailing dates or port information, but I found this information on a ship called "Louisiana." If the dates and port information match, this might be the one you are looking for. I'll keep looking around for a photo of the ship, if this is indeed the right one.

    Source is: ... /index.htm

    I know of some other places to look, so I'll report back.


    Built by Palmer Bros & Co, Jarrow-on-Tyne as the HUDSON for North German Lloyd in 1858. This was a 2,266 gross ton ship, length 307ft x beam 40.8ft, clipper stem, two funnels (later reduced to one), three masts (rigged for sails), iron construction and a speed of 10 knots. Accommodation for 70-1st and 750-3rd class passengers. Launched on 12th Jun.1858, she started her maiden voyage on 11th Sep.1858. After this voyage she was damaged by fire in dock at Bremerhaven on 2nd Nov., towed to Palmer's yard where she was rebuilt and had one funnel removed. Purchased by Fernie Bros in 1862 and renamed LOUISIANA she commenced Liverpool - New York sailings on 22nd Mar.1863. Her fifth and last sailing for these owners on this service started 12th Nov.1863 and she was then sold to the National Line of Liverpool. She started Liverpool - Queenstown (Cobh) - New York sailings on 4th Feb.1864 and continued this service until 1869-70 when she was lengthened to 395.1ft; 3,847 gross tons and re-engined. Her 3rd class accommodation was increased to carry 1,300 passengers and she was renamed HOLLAND. She resumed Liverpool - Queenstown - New York voyages on 20th Apr.1870 and on 19th Nov.1871 made a single round voyage between London and New York. Her last Liverpool - Queenstown - New York sailing started on 11th Sep.1872 and she transferred to London - New York voyages on 31st Oct.1872. Resumed Liverpool - Queenstown - New York on 7th May 1891 and made her last Liverpool - New York sailing on 12th Nov.1892. In 1893 she was sold to French owners and was scrapped in 1894. [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor, vol.2,p.611]
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    Hi Greg,

    Thank you. I think that there may have been 2 Louisiana ships. The one I found that Wenzel and Elizabeth were on arrived in NY in Nov. 26, 1855. On the top of the passenger sheet where the captain gave his oath it says, I think, Brig ship Louisiana. It sailed from Bremen Germany. According to what I found out on, it is in Leo Baca's book Czech Immigration Passenger Lists: New York Passenger Lists vol 4 1991 p 182. What does Bochmen mean. Is this another name for Bohemia or what? Sorry if I sound clueless on that one :oops: .

    Bye 4 Now,
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    "Bochmen" is nonsense. Maybe "Böhmen" - that's German form of "Bohemia".
  5. Ceit

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    I agree. The letters with umlauts in German can be replaced by the letter followed by e, and e and c can be easily confused in small or damaged print, or in handwriting, so Bochmen is probably Boehmen.
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    My previous listing looks to be the wrong "Louisiana," since it was built about 3 years after your relatives set sail.

    Now, gypzy, DO YOU HAVE access to the Czech Immigrant Passenger Lists: New York Passenger Lists? I do, so if you need any help, let me know.

    Sorry so late in responding.

    Greg in Houston, TX
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    I do not have access to the book. I'm not sure what else to look for. But if I do need help I will definetly let you know.

    Thank you,

    P.S. How's the weather in Houston?
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    hallo gypzy
    did wenzel change his namo or did the immigratom officials do it for him? i think that happened a lot mostly with last names though. why i dont know. maybe bedause they couldnt pronounce it? when i arrived in the usa 40 years ago everything was americanized. but thats hapening less and less, thank god. just imagine you had to sell all your belongings to get money for the trip, you arrived and they took the last thing you had, your name! well, thats been happening for years to women who got married. my maiden name was von mast zu boesingen and i was not sorry to give up that mouthful, my middle name is margarethe and ive had bureaucracies change that and i scream loudly!
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    Gypzy -

    I will go to the Clayton Library/Center for Genealogical Research, here in Houston Tuesday evening. The library is closed today, Sunday, and closes at 5 p.m. Mondays, or I would certainly go sooner. I copied down the volume number and page number you need from the immigration/passenger lists, and will get a copy for you on Tuesday.

    The weather in Houston today is a bit warm; should top out close to 88 or 90 F, each day this week.

    A major office-supply store is selling $13/a box Kodak photo paper for $1 a box, so I've been driving to each store in town this weekend and buying out their entire stock. What an exciting and charmed life I live, here in Houston, Texas.

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    Hi Ursula,

    I have recently found that there seems to be a few variations for the given name of Wenzel, all translating to James. If this was him I don't know why he would be called Frank. Maybe he just thought the name sounded nice or he had a blunt personality and the Americans he met said he talked Frank :roll: :?: . I know I'm getting off track on that, sorry :oops: . The curious thing is I found a Frank Kallis in the 1850 Rock Island County census in Illinois. He was age 24, same as my ggg grandfather. This Frank Kallis was living with 2 other Kallis'. Ben 18 and William 14. There was no Elizabeth. I know back then sometimes men would go to other towns for work, joining thier families later. I thought this may be the case. I could not find any Elizabeth Kallis' in Illinois or anywhere in the US in 1850. My head is spinning :lol: ? If this Frank was him and the Elizabeth on the ship list is his wife, who is Wenzel and why did she have a baby 5 yrs after he came to Illinois? Is there a word for confused/frustrated/obsessed, all combined?

    Bye 4 Now,
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    Thanx, your a doll :wink: !

    Glad to hear "yawl" are having good weather! My "daddy" lives in Corpus. He teases me every winter when the weather gets "all the way down to 46 deg." Bbbrrrrr!!!! :lol: :lol: [/quote]
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    gypzy - Bullseye! I'm sending you a PM.

    Greg in Houston
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    I have a semi-update. I found a drawing/info of the Louisana! I also found info on the Anna! I am going email this to my distant cousin. Now I will know for sure Whether or not this Kallis family aboard the Louisiana was my ancestors or not! For anyone else looking for ship info this is one of many sites,


    after previewing my post I clicked on the link but I was told that the page could not be found. in yahoo search I was able to find it. It is spelled correctly.

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