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Discussion in 'Vocabulary & Translation Help' started by czechlover34, Feb 21, 2004.

  1. czechlover34

    czechlover34 Member

    HI! I'm a new member to and I was hoping that somebody could tell me how to translate a couple things. I am a huge hockey fan. My favorite player on my local OHL team is czech. At the home games I attend I make a sign to hold up during the game to support him. I try to impress him by writing my signs in czech. Since I don't speak much czech I am running out of phrases to write. I would love to have the translation to the following phrases:

    1. (players name) is awsome (or anything that means good or great)
    2. (playersname) Rocks (as in is cool or awsome)
    3. (players name) your my number one
    4. it's all about (players name)
    5. don't mess with czechs
    6. (players name) is my #1

    I hope someone out there can help me

  2. Rapstar34

    Rapstar34 New Member

    :lol: Ahoy Theresa,
    This is Jonas. You're signs make me laugh!!! HA HA HA!!!! Keep up good work!!

    -Your Czech Prince
  3. maartenv

    maartenv Well-Known Member

    (name player) jsi skvělý !

    Meaning : You are brilliant/excellent/exquisite/glorious/

    I'm only a beginner in Czech myself, so the sentences are a challenge for others.

    Make sure you write the punctuation correctly. (not the right word for the symbols, but I dont speak English as a native speaker)
    Not writing them, can in some cases mean, that you are saying a completely different word.

    jsi means you are, in online dictionaries you can find other czech words to replace the word skvělý :p

    I searched for some of your english words, and then translated the results back from Czech to Englisch. Then I chose one of the Czech words with the best synonyms.

    Easy to do yourself.

    You can also write : (Players name) Jak se máte? (how are you doing?)
    Maybe you get a personal Thumbs Up!

    For more help on simple Czech sentences look at also a part of this site.

    Have fun
  4. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Hi Theresa,

    Here are some suggestions:

    1. (players name) is awesome - (...) je skvělý!
    "jsi" means "you are", "je" means "is"

    2. (playersname) rocks - (...) je super!

    3. (players name) you're my number one - (...), jsi moje jednička!
    When addressing a person, you need to use the "vocative" noun ending, which usually changes the name's ending, e.g. "Theresa" would change into "Thereso", "Martin" would change into "Martine". If you provide the player's name, I'll be able to give you the correct ending for it.

    4. it's all about (players name) - Je to všechno o (...)
    Here you need to put the name into the "locative" noun case to make it grammatically correct. Most likely that ending will be "-ovi".

    5. don't mess with czechs - Nezahrávejte si s Čechy!

    6. (players name) is my #1 - (...) je moje jednička!
  5. Rapstar34

    Rapstar34 New Member

    I'm Theresa's friend and the players name is Jonas.
  6. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Ok, here's your text for the signs:

    1. Jonáš je skvělý
    2. Jonáš je super
    3. Jonáši, jsi moje jednička
    4. Je to všechno o Jonášovi
    5. Nezahrávejte si s Čechy
    6. Jonáš je moje jednička
  7. czechlover34

    czechlover34 Member

    Thank you you both for all of you help! I really appreciate it!

  8. Rapstar34

    Rapstar34 New Member

    Theresa looks like you're gonna be busy making those signs! :wink:

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