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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by the dark one, May 24, 2005.

  1. the dark one

    the dark one Member

    Hi everybody

    Ihave re written this message taking in to account the suggestions from Magan and Jeff (thank you guy's)

    The trip is to see Iron Maiden play at the T Mobile Stadium on Saturday 28 May. My brother is a in to that style of music, me I am in to giving my brother a well deserved break.

    We arrive on Thursday night and would like to book a hotel or room near the Hilton hotel there are a couple of friends staying there on the friday night we want to see.

    After this we have time to explore the city and enjioy the social side of life. My brother and I ware celebrating our birthdays we are not as young as we look just hit the thirties.

    We would like to know places to avoid, and places to visit both day and evening

    Hope you have enough info to help

  2. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    I think that the best you can do is to spend lots of time on internet reading and taking notes. Your question/message is way too broad and way too rushed.

    In order to get good answers put more meaningful/particular topic so those who are glancing through will see what is your message about.

    What type of accommodation are you looking for, what price range, lication? In your message you have to say something about yourself, because no one will volunteer to take around person they know NOTHING about. I assume that you are very young, but still say what is your age, man/woman, what are your interest atd. What kind of research have you done in preparation for your trip?

    Did you READ this Board??? If you would, you would find all and more you need to know.

    Also, check this web site for accommodation ideas.

    Have a good time in Prague.
  3. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    I agree with Megan that you would benefit from asking some specific questions and providing information about yourself and your interests.

    With regards to sightseeing, a helpful section on My Czech Republic is Prague Sightseeing, which includes the page Three Days in Prague.

    Also, try searching on these boards. Many topics, such as accommodation, have been discussed.

    Have a great trip!
  4. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    1. Get public transportation card/tickets for days you are there. That is all you need to get around the city. Car is not convenient at all, parking is next to impossible and they tow your car fast.

    2. Read about holding on to your vallet in tourist sightseeing places/metro/tram. This is same in all world at all popular places visited by tourist, but just in case you have no experience. No vallet in back packet or backpack, have purse over your shoulder with zipper right under your arm. kidney sort of pouch is not at all that safe unless it is under your clothes. You will be fine if you are aware of this.

    3. Carry small bottle of drinking water. There will be lots of people at the stadium and you might not spend all your time waiting in the line to get drink.
    Also go to concert well ahead. Not sure about this type of music, but there could be huge crowds and delayed entry because of security etc. They don't wait for people to get in and concert can start without you. On your way to and back it is crucial to be aware of pickpacketers as they know that metro will be crowded and full of careless foreighners who are not travel savvyand came to see concert and have a good time.

    4. Restaurant I recommend for Czech food is Ceska Koruna, Havelske namesti. It is square on the bottom of Vaclavske namesti (Wenceslau Square) on the way from Old town Square (Staromestske nam.). Both places you have to see so you can plan lunch of early dinner. Check section Food/drink on this website and write down Czech meals meals you would like to try. It is self serve, inexpensive and nice/clean and good Czech food. You get bill at the entrance and then pay on the way out. No tipping. You need to have food written down as food is listed on the board and you may have a problem to ask for it in Czech.

    If I am not mistaken, Hilton hotel is near Florence Bus terminal. I don't know of any accommodation place in that neighbourhood, but it would be easy to get there on public transport if you find accommodation elswhere. If you are interested in hostel, Paint is just staying in one and I have asked her for feedback on it.

    This is THE best website for travellers to CR. I practically live half way there, but frequent this web site as there is always something new to do and see. Reading messages and advice of others is tramendously valuable. (That is whyit is important to have good subject line...for those like you who are trying to find info.)

    Really, all you need is to take notes from here to make sure you don't miss anything you may enjoy.

    You will have a great time, Hilton is not the best place for beer and food, but I am sure you can find some ideas on this website from others.

  5. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    Also read messages in Anything with wheels for more ideas,
  6. the dark one

    the dark one Member

    :D Magan
    Thank you for your speedy reply, we are leaving in the next half hour and are looking very forward very much to an enjoyable stay in CR.

    Thank you for your information and points on looking after valuables.

    This site is very very good and useful I will make sure anyone I know who is planning a trip to CR log on and do as I have.

    I will also write up my experience on my return and hopefully this will help others in the future.

    Thank you again all.

  7. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    On your return: when you write use new topic/heading in such a way that others can see what is it about i.e. after visiting Prague or notes from visit or even brake it into individual topics like accommodation, restaurants, concert at .... and write it in appropriate sections; It will safe other readers time and helps new ones to find info they are looking for;

    Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

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