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Discussion in 'Culture' started by Yerusalyim, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Yerusalyim

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    Posta Pro Tebe, do you know the program? My wife and her Grandmother will appear on the show, the filming will be 19 April. I know NOTHING about the program, tell me more.
  2. Swordslayer

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    It's a kind of a talk-show, though not the usual one. Let's say you have a long lost friend, some relatives that moved away and you've lost contact with them, maybe you're an adoptee and want to find your birth family, you may also want to reconcile with someone you find it hard to ever reconcile with, maybe because he won't ever listen to you when you try to do so, or you just want to express your thanks to someone, who had helped you a lot in your life (and most probably other people, too - an exceptional doctor, who saves lives and saved yours too, and you couldn't thank him before and you think he deserves the recognition, so that everyone would know), ... The reasons vary. So you provide the team with the data you have and they try their best to find that person and if they succeed, they invite him/her to the studio. Of course, they don't tell him/her who is that person who initiated it all. Then the person who invited them tells his story of life plus the reasons to invite that particular person, this part looks the most like a traditional talk-show; still, the other person doesn't know anything, his/her ears are covered. When you look at the picture attached, you can see the studio, in between the sofas is a "wall", on the left side the person who invited the other one sits, the right side is where the latter one will be seated after the former one finishes telling his story. Then, the invited person/s are to assume who could it be, who invited them, they talk about it for a while and after that they're asked whether they want to see who's on the other side (sometimes they refuse because they one who that could be and they don't want to get in touch at all, but that's pretty rare), if they say so, the LCD on the wall reveals the person on the other side. Then again they're asked whether or not they want the wall to be removed (again, sometimes they want the wall to stay where it is and they sometimes tell why (their version of the story)). Anyway when the wall is removed, they are free to walk away to the backstage to talk about all the things they want to. The show usually consists of three such blocks, three stories to tell and live, so to say :)

  3. Yerusalyim

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    My wife's intent is to honor her grandmother. Babi was 62 years old and took in my wife as a 6 month old baby after the mother and father (Babi's son) broke up. This is just her way of saying DIKY BABI before we move to the States this summer.
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    Sounds lovely. Make sure you tell us when it's going to be shown on television.
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    Sounds interesting. I hope it works out for you.
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    IMO it's a very nice show and well handled by the presenters. The stories are interesting and the people by and large seem genuine and happy at being reunited.
    They ocassionally have a follow up programme a Posta pro tebe revisited type thing where they check out how the reunited folks are getting on a few months down the line.

    I particularly like PPT because I have never seen this format on UK tv although I understand it exists in other European versions, Holland for one.

    However,in general IMO the reality/makeover type shows don't transfer well to Czech tv. I think there are several reasons why; maybe the Czech character isn't exhibitionist enough for some of the shows, the garden/DIY type makeover shows are in comparison with their UK equivalents very technical to make them suitable for a more knowledgable audience.
    The personal makeover /fashion type shows suffer badly from lack of decent presenters and I guess budget.

    The only one I think is also better in its Czech version than in the UK version I'm also familiar with is "Vymena Manzelka" or "wife swap". IMO the Nova version is more enjoyable as it doesn't aim so much at sensationalism. The recent episode with the Czech speaking couple from Paraguay is particularly worth catching if you didn't see it.

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