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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by anu, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. anu

    anu Well-Known Member

    does anyone knows how it is to live in prague 5 - restaurants, shops, bars, cinemas?
  2. cechofil

    cechofil Well-Known Member

    Hi there,
    For what it's worth, I was there for only 3 weeks recently and there is a brand new large shopping complex that just opened in March. I am sorry that I don't know the street it is on but it is probably the next stop after Luziny, maybe Hurka(?). I had walked there from where I stayed (near the Luziny stop) but it is a bit of a hike. It has a large cinema complex and an aqaurium, numerous shops and restaurants and a Hyper-market type of store, (forget the name, again). All in all, I thought it was a convenient area to be in, close enough by train to the center but far enough away to not have the higher prices of the touristy areas. Sorry I cannot comment on the night life much. My friend and I didn't do much of that and not in that area. If I can find some more specifics on the info. above I will post that. Hope that you enjoy your stay there. I would stay there again. Good luck :)
  3. Geleen

    Geleen Active Member

    Hi anu!

    I haven't live in Prague 5, but it's definitely one of my favourite areas in Prague. Big part of it is very beautiful.
    I think there's no need to worry about pubs or restaurants - you can find those all over the Prague. And I believe you can go to the cinema or shopping center also elswhere. But as I can see, you got such information already from chechofil ;).
  4. anu

    anu Well-Known Member

    thanks a lot, cechofil and geleen!
    i'm not yet there, cechofil, i'm going to prague only in june, there are flats to rent in this district, that's why i was asking. it looks like it could be very nice to live there... we'll see :lol:
  5. Jaya

    Jaya New Member

    The new mall where there is an aquarium is called GalerieButovice. It's very close to the NoveButovice station. Must be near the next stop Hurka as well (all along yellow line).
  6. hi i stayed in Smichov (Prague 5) recently,in the hotel tiepolo, for two weeks, tis a lively area quite busy with the busy Andel fram and metro stops,, the architecture is indeed wonderful,,there is a major carrafour supermarket with many more shops in a large shopping comples on pzlzenska, a amajor street on routes 9,10, 16, a tram will take you to wenceslas square in ten mins veru very regulaqr from andel, a tram 20 from andel taking you up to the castle area.. ,restraurants are plenty, from corleone,an italian pizzeria,opposite andel metro to a gem of a find, a local pub selling staropramen for 17.5 crowns,, dearest on the pub menu 88 crowns ,, cheap and cheerful, i highly recommend it,, its called U BELEHO LVA ,is on street Na Belidle, again opposite andel metro tho approx i50 yards down strret.its a typical prague pub avoid sitting at the locals table which is clearly marked,, the clun next ddor has good food too and good club disco music called back doors if i remeber,, what makes smichov Pr 5 good is its relatively local yet far away from the tourist traps thewrefore much cheaper.. theres also a very good floating restraurant on the river front more pricey but good quality, have a nice time but avoid crowded trams as i got my pocket picked on tram 23, andrew the scot

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