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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by lawstudent, Apr 5, 2004.

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    Hi, I meant to ask on my other post for suggestions on cheap, good, local restaraunts in Prague where my very limited Czech won't matter.
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    Hello lawstudent,

    Where are you getting your JD? My husband recently received his as well.

    Some good and historic pubs that you should definitely not miss include:

    U Fleku and U Tomase... one is in Mala Strana, and the other in Nove Mesto, I believe. The former has its roots in 1449 or somewhere thereabouts and was a real centre for philosophizing among intellectuals, and the latter even earlier than that when the Benedictine monks began to brew beer.

    Another place of historical significance is Konvikt on Bartolomejska street, right where the former STB police's HQ are.

    Depending on whether you're looking for quality or historical significance, or economics, the answer to your query would vary greatly.

    But a good hint is from the Prague Post; here is the link:

    Another good, local place is the Shot-out Eye which is close to the Florenc metro station, just south of Vitkov hill... but I heard that it's extremely smoky.

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