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    Hi everyone,
    I will be traveling to Prague early September and plan on spending a few days in Netherlands after the Prague leg of my trip is complete. I have confirmed reservations for a one way flight from Prague to Amsterdam via SkyEurope. However, given the unstable condition of the airline, I am also looking into backup options to get to Amsterdam in the event my flight gets canceled. I will need to be in Prague until 7.00 pm and looks like there is only one option (did a search on DB Bahn) - a train that leaves Prague Ruzyne Train station at about 23.30 and gets to Amsterdam Central at 3.00 pm the following day. I checked out the bus schedule (based on information provided to some one else's question in this forum), but unfortunately there is no bus service the day I plan to leave (Wednesday).
    If any of you experts have any suggestions, can you please share? I'd really appreciate it!
    Also, if I end up having to use the train option - is a cab the best way to get from Prague Airport to Prague Ruzyne train station.
    Anyone knows what the average train ticket fare is from Prague to Amsterdam. When I did a search on the DB Bahn site, for this particular schedule (23.30 pm train), the fare information was unavailable.
    Thanks in advance for your input and suggestions!
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  3. newbietraveler

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    @ GlenninFlorida: Awesome - thanks for the quick response!
  4. GlennInFlorida

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    You're welcome and welcome to the forum. Take a look around the site here, you will find lots of great information about Prague and the Czech Republic. Amsterdam is a great place to visit, too. I'm sure you will have a wonderful trip.
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    Well I would prefer to drive from Prague and Amsterdam. Last year in August I drove from Amsterdam to Prague and it was fun. It barely takes 9 hours from Amsterdame to reach Prague and I spent two nights in Pilzen as well. Czech Republic is great place to be. Welll you can also take train from Prague to Amsterdam. You don't need to worry about reservation. You can take train from Prague to Germany let us say Munich and Munich to Amsterdam. Trains are not cheap in Europe, quite expensive compared to US or Canada. If I were you I would rather pick a rental car and enjoy. During my trip I covered Netherlands. Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Czechrepublic. Flight time is rougly an hour from Prague to Amsterdam and you can even fly stand by fairly cheap. Don't worry or be nervous. It is quite safe in Prague. Be careful from NOTRIOUSLY FAMOUS TAXI DRIVERS know as ripping their customers. I hope this will help you bit.
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    Thanks Glenn for providing that link. Do you have any other recommendations?

    John Mig
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    let us know what your areas of concern/interest are and we (all of us on the forum) will try to help as best we can.

    Welcome aboard!
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    Glenn, what do you suggest me, not to miss once I will be there? Is there something which I have to take care of?


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