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  1. Yerusalyim

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    For those of you that know Customs and Transportation in Prauge...if my flight arrives in Prague at 7:20PM is it possible to get luggage...go through customs...catch a bus to the train terminal and get on the last train to Ostrava at 917 PM? Add some extra time for the lost American who speaks almost no Czech stumbling around.

    How much would a taxi from the Airport to the Train Terminal cost.
  2. Jana

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    Well, the best (fastest + cheapest) way to get to the main railway station is the bus line AE (Airport Express); it leaves Terminal 1 at 8:16 (Terminal 2 at 8:18 ) which means you will have almost an hour to get thru the customs (cf. ... minal1.pdf ), and even during rush hours, it takes 30-35 mins to get to the station.
  3. Yerusalyim

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    Most excellent. THANKS!
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    Well my brother did almost the same this week, but AM. Flight arrival 7:35 AM, we waited for ages to get the luggage, yet he catched 9:13 AM train to Ostrava using 119+A+C transport combination.

    Evening traffic should be lower in center direction, so I would not be afraid of it. If the flight is late however...
  5. Yerusalyim

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    Well, my wife my travel by train from Ostrava to Prague and wait for if I missed the last train to Ostrava I wouldn't be as disappointed. She's been in Ostrava for four weeks already.
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    My wife and I was in the CZ June/July this year and we landed at Prague airport at about 10:20am and from there we got a taxi for about £30 to the main train station, this depends on traffic, the meter was running and at this time of day there was a lot of traffic. We then got a train to Ostrava at 12:17 or there abouts.

    I hope this helps


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