Praha aircon hotelroom - under 3500Kcc/night

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by classic, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. classic

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    Hi folks, any recommendation for hotels offering air-cond rooms under 3500-4000kcc a night in Praha?

    Been stayin in a mix of apartments and various hotels prev in Nov / Mar time, but with the forecasts at 35C+ in Praha, I'd like to have a haven of roomed air-cond, but without steep summer rates

    Only hotel i stayed in Praha with roomed air-cond was Hotel Jalta last year. Im sure I was ripped off good time. But such bliss rooms :)
  2. knew

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    We stayed at a nice place called the Jasmine... it was very clean and the a/c was worked well. So it was cool. It's a new-age kinda Asian themed hotel with funky art everywhere. It was really nice, but different for Praha. The staff was awesome and breakfast buffet was included. I forget what it cost, but we booked it through a last minute deal hotel site, so you may get lucky. We will stay their again, so I highly recommend it.

    BTW, we had been staying at a rented apartment, but no a/c of course... so we packed up and went to this place.
  3. classic

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    Thanks muchly knew... looks a quaint little find.
    Bonus being on outskirts too. I'm going to check the Jasmin out further.
  4. knew

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  5. Jeff

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    I changed the link above to point to the Yasmin listing on My Czech Republic. It was pointing to a New Jersey rental.

    You could also take a look at the Hotel Tyl. I've seen some positive comments on it and it lists that every room has air conditioning. It's in Prague 2 and is close to a tram stop and near metro line C. ... aid=305242
  6. classic

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    Many thanks knew & Jeff ! Grateful for clarifying
    What a gem this Yasmin is .. Tyl looks good bet too.
    I'm gonna keep these 2 in mind for sure !
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