Prejudice and Racism in CR against Dark skinned people??

Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by Nomad, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. Nomad

    Nomad Member

    Hello Everyone!

    I am a New Yorker of Central Asian Decent, and I am planning to move to CR in Nov, 04. To seek business opportunities and hopefully live there permenantly. I've heard that there is alot of prejudice and racism against the Romas (Gypsies) in the CR. But I am just trying to find out if the czechs are prejudice against Romas or Dark skinnned people in general. I know prejudice is everywhere, specially if one is in a foreign country. Ofcourse we have prejudice in racism in the U.S. also, for example in the south and some places in the midwest, and possibly anywhere else. I just dont know if czechs are just going to generalize and call me a gypsy or treat me like one. If anyone has any ideas or experiences please share it with me...I would appreciated....because as of now I have no Idea what to expect except that people are more liberal there than the U.S. which I look forward to....and ofcourse having alot of fun. :) [/b]
  2. fener

    fener New Member

    my friend,
    any foreiner with a bit dark skin should be very careful in CR. and if you are a muslim by mistake, just don't mention it
  3. Eva2

    Eva2 Well-Known Member

    Let's just say that people will be very happy to learn that you are not a) a Roma and b) a Muslim. 8)
  4. Acheron

    Acheron Active Member

    the people here don't have any problems with muslims, stop making false statements from overseas, your only confusing people
  5. Eva2

    Eva2 Well-Known Member

    You are right. I keep forgetting that there are not many Muslims in CR - so far.
  6. Nomad

    Nomad Member

    Yea I might have been born muslim ( if there is such a thing) but I dont follow or practice the relegion. I am more of a spiritualist, not exactly an atheist, I definitly dont practice any kind of organized region. I am more of a free spirit welcoming and accepting all kinds of people (except radicals of any kind). I was in london for three weeks a couple of months ago, and I was superised to see a very closed culture and society!, Although all kinds of people co-existed there, there wasn't much warmth in there interaction with each other..It was kind of like new york, which I hope prague isn't!. But I guess I'll have to come and see...
  7. Bacchus

    Bacchus New Member

    What do you do for a living?
  8. silverkinguk

    silverkinguk Well-Known Member

    Yea be careful.One drunk czech guy called me 'Osama!'
    Really happened lol.
    Just be careful in Prague.Otherwise its fine.
    I been in Prague for 4 years and am of Asian decent.
    You will enjoy Czech republic in general.
    UK boy
  9. I guess in every society there's a bunch of losers who have prejudice against anything that is different from what they're used to. I would say that there's a chance you'll meet people that may not be too open or friendly at first or at all, but I believe there are also people you will be interested in getting to know you, where you are from and learning about your culture/ descent.

    To Eva2:
    Yeah, there's not a lot of muslims in the Czech Republic. And what? There's probably not a lot of Jewish people in Papua New Guinea... What's your point?

    To Fener:
    I don't know what kind of experience you've made in the Czech Republic. And I am sorry if you had a bad one. But you make it sound like the CR is a very dangerous place for people with dark skin. I mean, tthere could be a situation that you don't want to get yourself into... for example if you see a bunch of skinheads and you have dark skin, I would recommend to avoid this crowd... but it's common sense, I guess. I wouldn't go for a walk to an LA ghetto either.
  10. Eva2

    Eva2 Well-Known Member

    [To Eva2:
    Yeah, there's not a lot of muslims in the Czech Republic. And what? There's probably not a lot of Jewish people in Papua New Guinea... What's your point?]

    I'm glad you asked. While you have been peacefully guzzling beer, things have been happening in the world that are perhaps of no immediate concern to the Czechs but it never hurts to be alert. Some eye-openers: ... sp?ID=6485 ... tion=topic
  11. Eva2:

    I absolutely agree with you. It's good to pay attention to what's happening around you and I am not saying that some scary stuff is not happening around the world. But it's important to recognize the difference b/w a muslim and a religious fanatic (this applies to any religion or belief).

    It never hurts to be alert but I don't think there's a need to live in permanent fear of what could possibly happen.
    I believe that most European countries have laws that allow them to fight extremism. And therefore it's up to the country's authorities to deal with.
    There's much you or I can do about it.
  12. Nomad

    Nomad Member

    Well thank you prague_citizen for that useful information and insights...Wow I cant wait to go to Prague, for me its the land of the free...In the way they think at least....anyway thank you all for your comments regarding dark skinned, or muslim...Your right common sense is the best antidote to stupidity...
  13. Acheron

    Acheron Active Member

    it is the american way to make always new enemies, so dont be surprised if something like this happens
  14. nikdo

    nikdo Well-Known Member

    This has nothing to do with the US. It's a confrontation between two worlds: a backward, primitive Islamic societies and a developped, secular and liberal Western civilization. They've been invading the West in millions (because Islam doesn't work and has led to an economic failure in their countries) and try to impose their backward oppresive ideology on us: here in Germany muslims want to have special breaks at work to pray, prevent their daughters to take part in PT lessons at school and swimming lessons, preach from their mosques against our society and incite to destroy it, call European women sluts... as soon as there's more of them here they will say that a look at European women in miniskirts on public offends them and will demand that all women wear burqas or chador. Screw political correctness, the leftist pseudohumanists tell us we have to respect Islam and tolerate every culture in the world whatever its character is - I wonder what would they say if I told them I identify myself with 16th century European culture and would like to bring back slavery, feudalism and do away with the general right to vote. Europeans are imperialists, Columbus a demonic criminal but Aztecs sacrificing thousands of prisoners to Huitzilopochtli in a single day are a neat and interesting culture. Forced female circumcision in Africa and cannibalism must be fine with them too - everything goes unless americans or europeans happen to be involved in it.

    How long will the West happily slumber and ignore the danger of Islam, an agressive, expansionist, backward and sexist ideology? I place my last hopes in the US scientists: finding out a petrol replacement would put an end to Arabs blackmailing the West and to their influence in general.

    To Eva's links I'd add these:

    Forceful Reason - Fallaci issues a wake-up call to Europe:

    Why muslims always blame the west:

    Islamic cleric in London supports targeting children: ... sse705.xml

    Full-body swimsuits for devout Muslims making a splash on Turkish beaches. Hafize Erdogan, a devout Muslim, proudly sports her new blue swimsuit — a full-body outfit that covers her arms down to her wrists, her legs to her ankles and even much of her head:
    (Islamic nuts discussing the right Sharia swimsuits.)
  15. Acheron

    Acheron Active Member

    if they want to wear any of that, why not ? if they dont want to attend swimming lessons they dont need to, why to force them ? if they want special breaks in work because of their religion, why not ? they can be in work longer in order to fulfill their duty, if they want to wear funny swimsuits why not ? if you have a problem with that go to a nude beach lol

    is this more dangerous then the christian church with all its pedophilic and homosexual scandals ?
  16. Eva2

    Eva2 Well-Known Member

    Acheron wrote:
    >Is this more dangerous then the christian church with all its pedophilic and homosexual scandals ?<

    Yes, it is far more dangerous and if you treat this lightly, your great-grandchildren will wake up to a muezzin's call to prayer. This is a war of cultures and if we are not watchful, we may lose ours. I recommend a visit to Islam on Line (the link is in my previous message). Browse the General Board for a few weeks to get into the Muslim's hearts and souls and you'll consider this issue with more respect. They make absolutlely no secret of their expansionist program or of their contempt for our way of life. The Western part of Europe - Spain, France, England, Holland, Belgium, Germany - already struggle with the invasion. We have been spared so far but that doesn't mean that we should stay asleep. In this case, tolerance is not an option.
  17. Acheron

    Acheron Active Member

    ok people don't travel to canada, they have some serious problem with cultural understanding there
  18. Frans

    Frans Member

    I'm so happy to read that these words can be spoken nowadays without predictable superficious comments like 'racism' or 'xenophobia'.
    Just check the birthrates and rate of development of the muslim communities (unemployment rate, education, criminality, attitude towards values i would like to keep in europe like respect for women, gays), and we can conclude that it's better to leave Europe.
  19. Tahkay

    Tahkay New Member

    its been a while since a post has been added to this thread. I went to the Czech republic a decade ago and I didn't come across any racism or mistreatment. I am Native Canadian/Aboriginal/ Cree Indian, you pick your name for my race, it doesn't matter. In fact, I was treated very respectfully and was even invited to speak to highschool students about my culture. I was fine until I went to a party with other westerners who warned me to be careful where I went and such, but doesn't that apply to anywhere you go even when you are from that country? Common-sense and a well planned travel schedule is always important. Either way, 5 weeks in the Czech Republic and I still recall my special time there with great fondness in my heart. I love the CR.
  20. evian

    evian Well-Known Member

    This post maybe a little late....
    But according to Lonely Planet - Czech Republic and Eastern Europe guidebooks:

    REF:Eastern Europe
    "Though it is unlikely you will encounter any violence while in Eastern Europe, skinheads and neo-nazis have singled out the resident roma, blacks and Asians as scapegoats for their own problems, while foreigners have been attacked in Hungary and the Czech Republic. Avoid especially run-down areas in cities and never fight back."

    REF:Czech Republic
    "Groups of skinheads occasionally abuse and assault darker-skinned people."

    Hope this helps in your enquiry...

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