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  1. Hi,
    does anybody know how much does it usually cost, per month or per day, to get a room at a dorm in Prague (Hvezda atd), for students of Univerzita Karlova?
    Thank you!
  2. wer

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    The price is given by this directive.

    Simple translation:

    Article 1 sets the standard price for one day for a particular dorm.

    Article 2 sets coefficients for type of the room, ie. the price is multiplied

      by 1.25 for 1 bed room
      by 1.00 for 2 bed room
      by 0.80 for 3 bed room
      by 0.70 for 4 bed room
      by 0.60 for 5 bed room


      by 1.15 for room with its own bathroom

    Article 2 sets coefficients for length of the stay, ie. the price is multiplied

      by 2.000 for less than 7 days
      by 1.500 for less than 30 days
      by 1.350 for less than 90 days
      by 1.000 for less than 334 days (that is 1 academic year)
      by 0.917 for less than 364 days

    The prices are without VAT (Standard rate in the CR is 20 %, reduced rate is 10 % – I’m not sure which applies in this case.)
  3. Thank you so much! I've been looking for something like that and couldn't find it.

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