Prosím translate dva phrases into czech děkuji

Discussion in 'Vocabulary & Translation Help' started by The Animal, Apr 23, 2008.

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    It depends on operating system (like Windows or Mac OS) - if system has enabled international fonts, then it can use them in any application - Photoshop, MS Word, internet browser etc...

    It has - look here: ... anish.html

    I'm not religious, but I will do what we atheists do - I will wish you all the best in your life and your bussines and I will "držet palce" to you :)

    I looked, but I didn't found any :(
    All Czech sites let you create your visit card, but they print it for you (for price) and then send it them to you in paper form.
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    just happens that a site i check every day happens to be offering business card software -

    iBizCard is powerful yet easy-to-use Business card design software which supports production of various kinds of Business card, Staff card, Membership card and Interactive CD business card. With its built-in templates of different categories and detailed video tutorials and explanations, you can design your unique business card in an instant.

    can't vouch for this particular software, but i have dowloaded some other things they offer - actually not a bad site - they offer a free full version of different software every day - but you have to download and install within 24 hours - at the time i am posting this - there's over 21 hours to download it....

    otherwise, what someone posted about the fonts is what i have experienced - some fonts do not accomodate czech letters

    if you shoud go to a printer, some might be able to accomodate the special requirements - several years back, i had wedding invitations printed in california that were in both czech and english, and the printer managed just fine....
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    Microsoft Publisher is great. I've made business cards with czech characters, my wedding invitation in Czech, and book marks (our gift to wedding guests) and old fashion scrolls (explaining the American wedding traditions to our wedding guest) all in Czech. The characters worked just fine.
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    Děkuji everyone for the info! :D :D

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