punk in czech republic!

Discussion in 'Movies, Music & Media' started by Rafroel, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. Rafroel

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    any good punk bands i should check out while im up there?
    or like...good rock bands?
    itd be awesome to see some good punk!
  2. racoon

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  3. Noodle

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    Hi there,

    well Rafroel it seems your postings are in actual fact some fake storys. Please explain me the correlation between your religiously mission trip and the punk culture. Perhaps you know that the early punk scene has a special history. Is there something what you can use for your Christian group as an example. Don't forget to pray for a few previous punk heros which are located on the other side.

    Greetings from DE
  4. Rafroel

    Rafroel Member

    I wanted to go to a punk show in Czech Republic, that's why I asked. I myself like punk music to a certain extent and it would be easy for me to kinda mix in and from there not only learn about them and how they feel but at the same time, if I can I would most definitely love to meet people like that and stay in touch with them while I'm there and talk to them about God and stuff.
    I honestly hadn't thought about it that way, I was just curious about it, but it wouldn't be that productive concerning my mission trip...hmm...
    There's no really any fake stories,though... I was just interested in seeing any concerts in our 'time off' time during our mission trip, because I know we're getting a couple of days off before coming back
  5. music

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    Hello CZ. This forum is exactly what I was looking for.

    I notice that those links supplied above are in Czech. (at least I think that's the language; please correct me if I'm wrong) This is the same problem I had when researching Czech metal music. I hope that we can use this forum to help bridge the language gap.

    What's the punk music scene like in Prague? What are the bars/clubs like where the bands play? What are the crouds like? Are there many places in the city to see some good punk rock, or is it tough to find?

    If you're a punk fan, what CZ bands do you recommend?
  6. philrunning

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    http://www.czechcore.cz and http://www.punkmusic.cz have good gig guides.

    There is a gig on 15th May that I want to go to but I don't know where the place is located, does anyone have an address or know where it is?

    15.5. Euforie, Diphtheria, Shy Praha RAF cca 35,-

    RAF? Does anyone know where abouts this is?

    Also, has anyone heard these bands, what do they sound like? I just want to check out as many bands as possible..
  7. Kozoroh

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    RAF is really awesome!!!!! Also you might wanna check out Proti Smeru (sorry, I didn't punctuate again), Dezinfekce and SPS. If you're much into the labeling of music, you would say that Czech punk is "purer" than the American "punk", which is more "overproduced" ...like Pop-ish...

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