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  1. if_lotus

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    Will be in Czech from March 17th to March 23th. Here're my travel budget and my questions.

    1)Prague Castle (short tour Ticket) 250CK
    2)Prague Transportation (7 days) 200CK
    3)Food: 200CK/day*7days(including other places costs) 1400CK

    1)prague <-> kutna hora, Round trip train ticket 112CK
    3)ST. BARBARA’S CATHEDRAL, entrance fee 30CK
    ==>Any other expense except for food?

    1)prague <-> karlovy vary, Round trip train ticket 260CK
    ==>How much is the spot sight cost? Any other expense except for food?

    1)prague <-> cesky krumlov, Round trip train ticket 370CK
    ==>How much is the spot sight cost? Any other expense except for food?

    Many Thanks.
  2. kimba

    kimba Active Member

    That's amazing, I never travel with making a budget like that!

    Don't forget to add in your sleeping accomadations. And you'll want to take spending money. I always end up buying postcards - I have a postcard collection of artwork from every museum I've ever been to - or a book to read. There are a lot more museums than The Castle in Prague, so take some extra money incase you want to explore those. And then if you like to go out at night, that's a whole other budget.
  3. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    I don't think you need tour of Prague Castle, just take tram to get there and walk walk walk, get into places and pay individual entry fee. Search on this website for Prague Castle and you will find lots of ideas what to do there.

    If you don't speak/read Czech it could be a problem to eat in the restaurants for 200Kc / 2xday+ breakfast. You can buy lot of good interesting food in grocery store Deli (huge selection of Czechl "salads" (not really salads), great baked goods in the bakeries, alcohol and beer in grocery store.

    Due to be dependent on English (tourists only) services, you may spend more than you are budgeting for so make sure you take your bank/Visa card with you.
    Good luck.
  4. czechchris

    czechchris Well-Known Member

    If you are only going to be in Český Krumlov for a short time, then the Castle is probably the thing to go for.
    Details here
  5. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    When going to CK you have to base your stay on bus schedule. Taking bus from Florence (cca 3 hrs) is the faster than train and more convenient (and I think even cheaper).

    I would say it would be pitty to go to CK and not have enough time to really walk through the all streets of old town + castle (and gardens) which is huge. One day to give it justice wouldn't be enough. There are number of tours through the castle, we took three and all three were different and worth the money. Castle is fully furnished and real beauty.

    I have travelled a lot and being in CK was like living in fairy tale. Walk through the streets at night! Old town is incredibly charming and less expensive than Prague. We stayed 2 nights in Hostel Merlin (google photo of the building) right on the river, very very reasonable price and clean and located right in old town. I have noticed they have room for one!! If you make reservation early try for that. The smallest room (size of single bed) I have ever seen. They also have double rooms. We are bit picky and shared bathrooms was only shortcoming we found with this charmer.

    There are even reasonably priced places to eat in old town. One is self serve on the square and another one very nice restaurant on the way from Merlin to square (on left side). All menus are posted outside.

    We would not find time to take inner tubing (popular activity there and usually free from your hostel) in two days there, so if time is no object for you, spend for extra night and have fun on the river etc. If you have time, you can certainly afford it comparing to stay in Prague.

    I highly recommend staying few days in Cesky Krumlov - needless to say that after being born in Prague, I thought I have seen the best, but this was something not to be missed. Expensive Tourist bus tour is waste of money and time as they do all in one day (incl. travel!!). Knowing what we know now we think that it is real rip off.

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