ranní nebo ranní

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  1. DanielZ

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    Erben's "Prostonárodní české písně a říkadla" has a folk song named "Ranné vstávání"

    I am curious. Is "ranné" old(er) Czech and would modern Czech use "ranní" today?

  2. wer

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    The adjective is still in use in modern Czech, but Erben's spelling was suppressed by spelling reforms in favor of the form "raný".

    Also its meaning "pertaining to morning" is now outdated, the adjective only ratained the meaning "pertaining to initial period" (English: early, rathe). In modern Czech it is used in expressions like "raný středověk" (Early Middle Ages), "rané brambory" (early potatoes) or "rané dílo" (early works).

    In Erben's times both the meanings were common, so we can't be sure of the right modern analog. It could be either "ranní vstávání" or more likely "časné/brzké vstávání".

    (Besides of this there is also unrelated homophone adjective "ranný" meaning "pertaining to wound".)
  3. DanielZ

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    Many thanks, wer!

    Okay—I just wrote a piece of music for flute and harp using Erben's setting of the tune "Ranné vsávání."

    So—from what you say—I believe I should keep that spelling, "Ranné" as my title and not change it.

    Do you agree?

    I used that tune because it comes from the Budějovice region where all my Czech ancestors came from.


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