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    I am looking for a recipe for a cookie, they are a kind of small tartelette filled with chocolate cream filling and covered with chocolate and a hazelnut.

    My mom used to make these, she is now passed away and never had a recipe book did everything by memory, I wish to make these for my brother as a surprise for x mas

    If this is not the proper spelling please forgive me as I do not speak or write czech very well thank you
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    Išlské dortíčky

    210 g wheat flour
    20 g cacao
    70 g powdered sugar
    vanilla sugar
    lemon peel
    40 g peeled almonds (fine shredded, dry roasted)
    140 g butter

    30 walnut halves (or pecan nuts)

    100 g powdered sugar
    3 egg yolks
    1 teaspoon of rum
    20 g currant jam
    150 g hazel nuts (peeled, fine shredded, dry roasted)

    Commercial chocolat glaze
    5 g butter
    60 g chocolate
    100 g sugar
    1/8 l water

    Mix flour, cacao, cinnamon, lemon peel and almonds, mix with butter, knead, let ½ hour in cold.

    Roll out the dough to ¼ cm plate, cut 5cm big disks. Bake on fatted plate, 200 C, 10 min.

    Mix sugar, egg yolks and vaniline suger for 10 min, add rum, jam and nuts, mix well.

    Take one disk, spread with filling, cover with a second disc.
    Let the glaze melt, spread the disc and stick the walnut half on.

    I have found this recipe on Internet and immediately tried to do it – Lots of calories, but magnificent! :eek:

    The most difficult task was to peel the hazelnuts 8)

    Somebody with better English knowledge should translate this into Cook English 8)
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    HI all -

    here is a link those of you on this side of the pond might find helpful for this recipe

    Karel - your English is just fine - easy to understand (I might say "greased cookie sheet" instead of "fatted plate" - but anyone who cooks would understand what you mean)

    I'm going to give this one a shot myself - really sounds good!
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    i agree, english is fine -

    just two small things: i think kakao is cocoa in english?

    and i think "ground" is used in relation to nuts - roast first, then grind

    for the flour - cake flour or plain white flour - some people might think wheat flour as in "whole wheat" ?????

    also the recipe says greased and floured baking sheet

    some "hints" maybe:

    i have found that 98% of the time, using waxed paper is easier than greasing and flouring anything :D

    also the rum should be the czech rum which now has to be called tuzemak ... i think that in the u.s. my mopther always bought austrian rum as it is also not made from sugar cane

    this is a chocolate glaze i use for most things - although it is probably a bit thicker than the one in this recipe??? also i know it only in american terms, although my mother learnt it from a friend who used to be a pastry chef in the czech rep. before 1948

    6 oz semi-sweet baking chocolate
    1 cube butter (4 oz.)
    1 egg yolk

    melt butter and slowly melt in the choclate (double boiler is best, but if over low heat can do without if careful... when blended, quickly stir in the one egg yolk - supposedly this makes it more glossy? also, do not put in fridge to solidify, as that will also affect the "shininess" of the glaze...

    if left over, can reheat to soften and use for other things.....

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