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  1. littlepolly08

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    I'm doing a report for an Anthropology class and cant find any info! Can anyone tell me about horticulture, hunting/gathering, or technology in Czech Republic?What technologies are used? what tools are used? Who does what?
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    This PDF is a bit outdated but gives a nice overall view, for some detailed info you may want to try Gate2Biotech . Hopefully, I haven't misunderstood your question, as for history of horticulture here, Průhonický park is worth mentioning; anyways, I don't think there are many significant differences from the rest of Europe.
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    i might be off, but could you clarify your question?

    to me the the terms you use suggest you are looking for more historical info?

    i.e., the stages of development from a hunting/gathering society up to a modern-day technological society?

    if this is the case, you might try looking for this sort of information under Bohemia and Moravia

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