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    I have found my great grand mother's birth certificate, and I am hoping to aquire information on her birth town and our family names.

    On the Rodny List it reads
    Misto narozeni ---Brumov na Vlare.
    Den, mesic a rok narozeni ---30.cervence 1889
    jmeno a prijmeni ditete---- Anna Srnikova

    Jmeno a prijmeni---Jan Srnik, ctvrtnik v Brumove, syn Jana Srnika, ctvrtnika v brumove a Barbory Misakove

    Jmeno a prijmeni----Rosalie Miklasova, dcera Tomase Miklasa, posednika v Brumove a Marie Lysakove.
    Any information is much appreciated.
    Thank you.
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    rodný list = birth certificate

    Místo narození - Brumov na Vláře
    Place of birth - Brumov on/upon Vlára

    Brumov, today a part of agglomeration Brumov-Bylnice, is a town in Wallachia. Vlára is a river nearby the town.

    As far as I know the river was never within the name of the town, so it’s somehow mysterious. Perhaps it is an address of a place within the cadastre of the town.

    Den, měsíc a rok narození - 30. července 1889
    Day, month and year of birth - 30th July 1889

    Jméno a příjmení - Jan Srník, čtvrtník v Brumově, syn Jana Srníka, čtvrtníka v Brumově, a Barbory Mišákové.

    First name and surname - Jan Srník, a čtvrtník in Brumov, son of Jan Srník, a čtvrtník in Brumov, and (of) Barbora Mišáková.

    “Čtvrtník” is a tax-payer category based on the acreage of the cultivated land - ie. a small farmer.

    Jméno a příjmení - Rosalie Miklasová, dcera Tomáše Miklasa, podsedníka v Brumově, a Marie Lyšákové

    First name and surname - Rosalie Miklasová, daughter of Tomáš Miklasa, a podsedník in Brumov, and (of) Marie Lyšáková

    “Podsedník” is a small farmer who is not owner of the land. He is either an employee of another farmer or an independent farmer working on leased land.

    The spelling of all the names is just my guess. The accents could be different.

    All the surnames, and only the surnames, ending in “-ová” (“-ové” in declined form) are female surnames.
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    Thank you so much for the information and your prompt reply!

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