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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by Colesa, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Colesa

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    Hi everyone! I’m planning my journey to the Czech Republic for this november, I’m staying there for about a week.

    I’ve used the search engine but I haven’t found what I was looking for (sorry for the inconvenience!). I would be glad if you could give me advice on what to see in a week, or which route would you do (I arrive at the Brno airport... blessed Ryanair :p). There’s no problem in hiring a car a couple of days, or taking buses – trains – whatever.

    Which are the places I shouldn’t miss (according to the time I’m here). Would you stay all nights in Prague, or is there somewhere interesting to spend the night and not only visiting during the day and then going back to the capital?

    I don’t know what to do! I’ve seen some lots of practical info here in the boards and in this web page, but everything seems so nice I can’t decide where to go and how.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Lilac

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    I was in Czech Republic for 2 weeks this month and I can tell you about my experience there, but there are many people here in the forum that know the country very well and reading their advices/opinions/suggestions in the different topics here was very useful.
    I stayed in Prague for a week, but I only stayed in the city for about 3 or 4 days, because I had day-trips to some places near there, like Kutná Hora, Karlovy Vary and Loket, Ceský Raj and Karlstejn. There are good connections by train ou bus to any place you'd like to visit, you can check the timetables on this site:

    From Prague, I went south, heading Ceský Krumlov, a very beautiful and cosy place you shouldn't definitely miss. I spent 2 days there. It's like a place from a book of enchanted stories. I visited Plzen on the way from Prague to Ceský Krumlov, I just couldn't miss a visit to the brewery and to the museum of the city's famous beer. The city itself was fine too, with its monuments and outdoor exhibitions.

    Then I headed Brno, a very active city, even in the summer where many of its people are away on vacations. If you arrive at Brno, I must suggest a visit to Olomouc, that's not very far from there. It was my next stop for a couple of days, (and last one, before returning to Prague airport, after a small visit to Trencín, in Slovakia). I loved that city, its sunny "plazas" and fountains, churches, monuments, atmosphere... everything.

    I hope this helps, but after visiting CR I'm pretty sure that wherever you choose to go, you'll love it. So enjoy yourself! :wink:
  3. Colesa

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    Hi Lilac! Thanks very much for your information, it's kind of I've been looking for. Of course it's easier to check some information about specific places when you already know which are the nicest places to see. I have two months for planning the journey but I always love to know well where I'm going and what I shouldn't miss.

    Thanks a lot for your advices! Has anyone else any other useful info?

  4. Alexx

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    As you are arriving (and departing) from Brno airport, you should consider spending some time in South Moravia - you can visit historical castles and chateaus - Buchlov, Buchlovice, Lednice, Valtice, Vranov, Bítov... or visit some caves in "Moravský kras" if you like caves.

    I'd rent a car for it, because you can see more of these places in one day then using public transport. But, when in Prague, better use public transport, because of going around Prague by car, and parking, can be a nightmare if you do not know it.
  5. Colesa

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    I was considering the option of renting a car as the best one, too. I suppose then it's easier and faster to move (when not in Prague, of course) and we could manage to see more things. The castle option seems a good one!

    Thanks a lot.

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