S dovolením/ Promiňte?

Discussion in 'Vocabulary & Translation Help' started by Ktot, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Ktot

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    This is a simple, stupid question, but I've seen s dovolením, promiňte, and promiňte mi all translated as excuse me. I think the difference is that promiňte would be more if you wanted someone's attention, to ask something perhaps, and s dovolením might be if you accidentally bump into someone, or are trying to get by someone in a tight spot? Is that correct? Because I've only been using promiňte, and I've been using it as a sort of "excuse me/pardon me" as I edge by people sort of thing, and now I'm afraid I've been using it wrong. Thanks. (And yes, my Czech is that bad.)
  2. milton

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    The way I understand its usage.. I use 'S Dovolenim' when i'm in the metro and I'm trying to walk around someone

    I use 'pardon' when I accidently elbow someone

    I use 'prominte" as I'm sorry and so forth

    Hope this explanation helps
  3. Polednikova

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    I invariably hear 'pardon' when someone bumps into me.

    I remember telling my Czech teacher this when we were still on the first chapter of our text book, where they were teaching us that the word used was 'prominte' and he said it must be because I don't look Czech so they use the 'internationalised' version instead of prominte! But I now think that was rubbish - because I hear them saying pardon to everyone - and it was just because he wanted me to learn the real Czech word!
  4. Ktot

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    Thanks for the replies. I put it to good used today, when I bumped someone after getting off a train. "Pardon!"
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  6. Polednikova

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    But that thread doesn't even mention 'pardon'!
  7. Ktot

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    Nezlobte se.
  8. wer

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    No problem. 8)

    OK, try this one. :wink:

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