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  1. Annika

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    I am 26 year old girl. I will move to Brno in November and start working there. Therefore I am searching for a room in a flat share in Brno. Preferrably I am searching for a seperate bedroom in a flat with Internet connection. Can somebody give me hints where to search for that? Or does someone know/have any free room?

    I would be pleased for replys.
  2. italix

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    For June 1 , 2011 - Stranskeho 28 - One single room - ca 24 qm - 4600 kc - The apartment itself is very 1980's kitsch. Looking for a flatmate in a 3 room apartment. Kitchen, Bathroom. There is a washing machine, Microwave and hot water heater. Billa is conveniently situated right next door. Public transport : Tram #3 is 10 min to Ceska, Tram #1 is 10 min. To Mendlovo nam. Busses 30, 44, 67, And 84 will take you cross town to Skacelova and Semilasso. Close by Technika Park or Masaryk University. Email

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