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Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by DanHof, Jul 17, 2010.

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    I have an ancestor named Franz Lossos who was born in Prague in 1810, emmigrated to the USA unknown date (appeared in 1860 census), lived in Millstadt, Illinois, and died 1883 in Belleville, Illinois.

    Are there other Lossos family members from Bohemia? Is this a common or uncommon name in the Czech Republic? Losos is the Czech name for salmon; is Lossos a variation of that word? Could Lossos be an Americanization of a Bohemian name?

    Thank you.
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    Thanks, Stepan, for your reply.

    I have tried all that you suggested with changes in the double consonants and variable vowel combinations. I guess I am looking for some suggestions as to possible variable spellings based on knowledge of the Czech language.


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