Searching for Jolanta or Jaromir Travnik

Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by ksmigiel, Aug 21, 2007.

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    On behalf of my mother - Malgorzata Smigiel - I'm searching for her close friends with whom she lost contact many years ago. Now she wants to find them and renew the contact with them.

    Their names are Jolanta (originally from Poland) and Jaromir Travnik. They used to leave in Praha on Bozivojova 108 (they may have changed their place of leaving though).

    Anyone who may know his or her whereabouts is kindly asked for help.

    Thank you!
    Krzysztof Smigiel
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    Surely you meant "living" instead of "leaving".

    I suggest you to send a letter/postcard to the mentioned address. Maybe they left their new address in the local post office (it is common custom in our country).

    The name of the street is "Bořivojova".

    Jaromír Travník (or Trávník)
    Jolanta Travníková/Trávníková
    (or Jolanta a Jaromír Travníkovi/Trávníkovi)

    Bořivojova 108
    130 00 Praha 3
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    Thanks for the reply. Certainly I meant "living" :D

    It's a good idea to send a letter/postcard to the address and see what happens.

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