Setting up a company and obtaining working visa for non-EU

Discussion in 'Business' started by gementricxs, Oct 19, 2014.

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    Hello everyone,
    I have a question about setting up a business (s.r.o) and obtaining a working visa for non-EU citizen for the co-owner of the company.

    I am having hard time trying to find information on what would be needed for the future owner of the company to obtain a working visa. I plan to set up a business in Prague together with my girlfriend (I am local, she is non-EU). What are the requirements if she would be a co-owner of the company. Does she need to be registered as an employee of the company with a certain minimum salary? Or is enough if she an co-owner with no fixed salary and only paid from the distributed profits?

    Can you advise me on the best approach? As she is not from a Schengen country she can stay only 90 days and then need to leave EU for 90 days. Is it enough time to process everything and receive the visa?

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