Single man visiting Prague looking for young lady/ no sex

Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by skipperbuzzy1, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. skipperbuzzy1

    skipperbuzzy1 New Member

    I will be in Prague from 23March to 27 March. I am looking for a single women ages 24 to 30, non smoker, petit who is interested in meeting me. I am a white male, short, non smoker, chunky and not the most handsome.....but I am a nice guy and you will have fun with me. I will be in town celebrating my 40th b-day.

    I am NOT looking for sex but just someone to show me around. If things turn romantic that is a welcome bonus. I just want to have fun and see the city. If interested please e-mail me asap at JDEMARAIS@MAIL15.COM

    Thanks in advance :wink:
  2. czechless

    czechless Member

    good luck trying to find a petite, non smoking female in Prague
  3. manny

    manny Member

    Not sure you will find an asexual Czech girl, either, but who knows, she may be hiding somewhere in the Golden City. Good luck with your search!! :p
  4. horatio

    horatio Member


    How did you make out on your trip? Were there any takers?
  5. boltthrower1

    boltthrower1 Member

    there a butt ugly one in RI
  6. czechless

    czechless Member

    To boltthrower1,
    Nice're still alive? That sucks...breathing in our air...taking up our space...go listen to boltthrower for Christ sake....very Texas white trash of you.

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