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Discussion in 'Culture' started by ArtaneNg, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. ArtaneNg

    ArtaneNg New Member

    Hi...just want to know if there's any law in Czech Republic that bans smoking in public areas, air-conditioned areas, enclosed areas, open areas etc?

    I'm a non-smoker and I also cannot stand the smell of smoking cigarette/cigar. In Malaysia, I often have to tolerate people smoking in open public areas....which I really really hate but have not much choices about it.

    It'll be good if Czech Republic has such laws and enforces them. If not, I have to tolerate again.... :cry:
  2. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    Short answer: This kind of laws exists here, but people break them on daily basis :)

    It's pain, especially in pubs. :-/

    Fortunately at work is smoke ban usualy respected.
  3. ArtaneNg

    ArtaneNg New Member

    thanks, eso for telling me that.

    guess I just have to bear with it... :(

    but luckily i don't go to pubs... :lol:

    are there smoking ban at hospitals and universities? and is it usually respected?
  4. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    Pubs, restaurants, bars, clubs - all the same.

    In public areas of hospitals is smoking definitely banned.
    I guess at universities too.
  5. Eleshar

    Eleshar Well-Known Member

    At universities as well as all schools, the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes is completely banned.
    It is banned also at bureaus I think... in all public areas where people gather (public transport, public transport stations, bureaus, hospitals, schools,...).

    Also every restaurant has to have a separate room for non-smokers but it is not very often respected or fully respected (in some restos it is only in specific time).
  6. Troll

    Troll Well-Known Member

    Yes, but in the whole world the boys (and often the girls, too) are used to smoking cigarettes in the school lavatories. :wink:

    Smokin' in the boys' room
    Oh, smokin' in the boys' room
    Now, teacher, I am fully aware of the rules
    But everybody knows that smokin' ain't allowed in school!
  7. saillael

    saillael Well-Known Member

    I was worried about being constantly barraged by second hand smoke when I was in Prague, but I was pleasantly surprised. If one eats in restaurants at off times, the smoke is minimal. The Cafe Louvre has a separate non-smoking room and the food is wonderful and relatively inexpensive, and best of all, it is topnotch. Pivovarsky Dum on Stepanska is also a good place to eat smoke free. The non-smoking room has its own entrance, and the beer selection is vast and pretty inexpensive.

    Le Patio is also a good place to eat, but a bit more expensive.

    Most of the historical and cultural sites will be relatively smoke free.

    Generally, the smokiest places are the nightclubs - and they are VERY smoky.

    Have a great time in the world's most charming city.

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